Kiitos to Finlands marketing elite

Published by on juni 8, 2013 at 12:09 e m

Kiitos means thanks in Finnish. I had the honor to hold two customized Sharkonomics lectures in Finland this week. The first lecture I held was for the The Finnish Marketing Association on the topic of print and social media relations. The theme of my Sharkonomic lecture: How to attack market leaders and kill competition with print. It was great to see that the audience attended the lecture wearing shirts with shark print. Besides that, the feedback from the audience and organizers was great.

The Sharkonomics lecture is easy to customize to different fields of topics. Agencies around the world sems to like to swim with the knowledge of sharks.

I had the pleasure to held that lecture for Finland’s best agency hasan & partners, for their employes and clients. Often agencies has a hidden creative potential that can be set free with inspiration from natures way of moving business. This agency has a great potential to swim more global than Nokia does today.
They work with an interesting challenger brands in the mobile field, called Jolla (a cool Sharkonomics Finnish brand). It is Interesting to see how they in an creative way include the consumers in their product by combing two mobiles into ONE.

Back in 2006 I and some friends created an fantasy mobile for Nokia with the aim to make one mobile into two. With help from hasan & partners, Jolla has the potential to make their solution swim global and not only be a fantasy.