Jim Carrey shows a lost America

Published by on februari 2, 2006 at 11:32 f m

In his new movie does actor Jim Carrey shows a lost America. Jim is world-class comedians so he is allow to show and say what never ells today could be made in an American movie today. He is as usual fun but with a traditional dark sense of humor (I like it but the rest of the audience may not). In the future when we look back I think this movie “Fun with Dick and Jane” is going to be as important as Michael Moore movies for they show both sides of the problems that America has in our time.
It is nearly trendy do criticize America for the moment so I leave that to others to do. This film shows how our leaders (business leaders and brands) fall of moral affect our society al the way down to the grassroots of you and me.
After the movie they do thank directors of fallen brands like WorldCom, Enron & Arthur Anderson for “moral inspiration” to the film.
Jim, why don’t make a movie that are showing how the world could be with more positive role models and brands that care? Where are the films of a new positive America?