Is FAKE a good brand name?

Published by on december 1, 2005 at 11:23 f m

More and more brands are having the name REAL as a part of there brand name. I think it is more real to say it is fake. Only then would I as a consumer believe it to be a “real” from the beginning.

Some values to put in the FAKE brandbook:
• What is real and what is fake?
• Fake is real in a fake world.
• Fake is business.

Be real.

The brand name would create strong word of mouth “a real FAKE?” Where did you buy that shirt? “It’s a FAKE I mean it’s a real FAKE.” “My girlfriend/boyfriend don’t need to FAKE it just wear it!”

If reality is fake and illusion real, which one is the original?
Do you own fake brands and are they feeling real?
Don’t take me wrong, I like when things are for real…