Invitation to the world premiere of Unplugged Speeches™

Published by on januari 16, 2010 at 11:25 f m

In 2002, we started our Swedish newsletter. Today it has evolved to have around 10,000 subscribers. After eight years it is time to develop our concepts further. In 2010 we will take the leap from digital to physical meetings by creating and providing lectures that are free from PowerPoints, laser pointers and remotes: we call it Unplugged Speeches™. Just as musicians rediscovered their music by appearing on stage unplugged, we want to give the lecturers the same platform. The goal is to focus on the meeting and on the closeness to the people and to the content. With Unplugged Speeches™, we want to create something new that can grow, adapt and evolve with your commitment. Prices are of a symbolic nature (self cost).

Lecture by Jack Yan from New Zealand January 26
First up to test Unplugged Speeches™ is a branding guru Jack Yan. The lecture will be held in English, but Jack is a unique person who admires Sweden so much that he through his coverage of Swedish brands and admiration of Monica Zetterlund´s music he learned some basic Swedish. Jack has agreed to share his Swedish with us at the lecture.

Speech topics:
• Marketing and Social Media: the need to engage through Facebook, Twitter and related services, and what companies might need to consider with social media strategies.
• International trends in branding and marketing.
• Democracy in Action: how democracies might change through the growth of social media (relating this back to Jack Yan’s mayoral campaign), and how we might capture this as marketers.
• The Emergence of the Indian Brand; and the lessons for Sweden in nation branding. Jack will cover the changes in the Swedish brand perception and how far things have come since his first talk in Sweden 2002.

Jack Yan is the author of Typography and Branding and a co-author of Nation Branding: Concepts and Country Perspectives and Beyond Branding.

Speaker: Jack Yan
Moderator: Stefan Engeseth
Entry by Email. OSA deadline januari 20.
Date: Tuesday januari 26. Time: 08.30-10.30.
Place: SpaghettiOperan Regina, Drottninggatan 71 A, Stockholm.
Tickats: 49 Euros (including breakfast), plus tax.