Interview: Calle Sjönell, Creative Director, BBH New York

Published by on september 15, 2008 at 8:44 f m

BBH New York launches Oasis new 2008 in the streets of NY. They did this so elegant by letting street musicians play Oasis music in NYC. One of the creators of this idea at the agency is Calle Sjönell, Creative Director. Did send this five questions in an email interview with Calle:
1. Are you an Oasis fan? If so favorite album?
Yes, What’s the story Morning Glory is the best Oasis album so far.
2. How did you come up with this idea of introducing the band without the band?
Well my brother and I was sitting talking about how boring and traditional all music releases was. We where excited about the Radiohead pricing idea and then Pelle got a crazy expression on his face and said -”What if street musicians played the music first instead of last?
3. Is NY the best place in the word to work with word of mouth?
Yes, it’s a busy place with lot’s of people and news outlets. But you need a unique idea since people are so busy.
4. How does it go with the launch of the album?
So far so good, we have generated a lot of attention and lot’s of fans are checking out the street musician version, so we have high hopes.
5. Is this sort of campaign that is going to be growing (street advertising)?
I think more people will turn to idea where people do something rather than just say
something. It’s more interesting and believable .
6. Are you a bloger your self?
I have been on and off, latest I was blogging on my bicycle company website for OkeeBikes, see We have paused the project since I moved to the US.

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