Inga Lindström: 7 million German viewers

Published by on oktober 27, 2008 at 12:08 f m

The German soap opera Inga Lindström is unique in a lot of ways.  It is a filmed in Sweden with German actors talking German, but acting Swedish (in an German way). It is about life in Sweden in the way that Germans like to see Sweden, its function like a commercial mirror (what we like to see ore buy). The soap opera is successful in Germany and got 7 million viewers. It is not the read Sweden (but what do I know, living in a country makes us al home blind). It is a Sweden that Germans like to move to, and they do buy a lot of houses on the village – in other words Inga is becoming real (Germans are walking around in real Sweden and acting Swedish). The success builds on taking one country and offering it to another country in the way they like to see it is interesting, whey not do the same with other countries, come to Sweden and sell your mirror version back to your country – Inga can be acted and speak any language. Meet here at