How to make the rainforest this years christmas gift

Published by on november 1, 2010 at 10:38 f m

It is quite depressing to listen to all the news about how we destroy nature. Specially the rainforest. Why not change how things are done. Instead of passively listen to bad news, create some good news. Here is my solution, start selling the rainforest in seed-bags. Make it concrete, buy 10 square meter rainforest in a seed-bag. If you want you can also plant it online and see it grow on a youtube channel. The effect would be that instead of watching depressing news people can create good news by re-building our fantastic nature. Start with the rainforest then move on and re-build other parts of nature.
Collaboration with organizations would make this possible. Any clue on which organization would be the best partner to make this turn into reality?