How technology can solve overconsumption and save the planet

Published by on maj 6, 2019 at 9:31 f m

We are totally overconsumimg earths resources, its not a sustainable situation for our ecosystem. A change is needed fast, yet our economic system is constantly in conflict of interest (the world revolves around money).

Climate breakdown is coming.

We DON’T need to rewire ourselves to fix it
These are not a new situations, yet what is new, is that we can actually solve them with modern technology.
Human-kind likes to resolve the issue, yet we’re not willing to change our need of consumption; we sort of hide the problem in a shopping bag.
We tend to think that shopping is what makes the world go ‘round (and its partly true, yet it is also what is destroying it).
It will take us forever to change our mentally wired software.
Using drones to buy and deliver more products, are not sustainable solutions for the earth.

Objects will own themselves in the near tech-future
Instead of changing us, we could update our shopping behavior with modern technologies.
The Tech-revolution is not new, but what is new, is that the power of the innovation is so massive! (Instead of talking about “big data” we could talk about “big changes”).
With upcoming tech solutions such as 5G, AI, Bitcoin and Blockchain, we can rewire consumption.

The challenge is to fix capitalism by encouraging innovation in the technologies that can deliver a liveable world.

When IOT is in everything we buy, we do not need to own things anymore. Instead every object/product could own it self, and we’d just consume it by charging it. We could have it in our homes, but at the same time it will be shared, and be used by others (If they’d like to buy it for a time).

From ownership to open-consumption
Right now, there is a delivering system developed where the package is actually talking with IOT, where it is, and how the package to be delivered.
But why stop there? Our “things” in life could be on its way to be shared with others forever! Then the whole world could share the same objects/products again and again. This is what Ebay and other E-commerce firms are feeding on.

Why over-consumption is making us unhappy.

From open-source into a world of open-consumption
If we all where ONE with everything, could technology itself be the solution? Open-source, where we share codes and information, could be used to develop an open-consumption.
Today’s solution is old behavior, that locks us in screens.
With a modern solution, products will talk to each other, and we be free to live without putting our lives, and the planet in a shopping bag.