How quickly does your talent develop from 0-100 km/h?

Published by on mars 20, 2023 at 9:52 f m

We posed that question to talents in sports and business. The answers pointed to three different speeds that radically affect the result for both the individual and the organization.

The answers they provided Stefan showed a clear pattern. The talents knew about their speed yet they did not see the connection between their speed, their development, and well-being.

0-50 km/h
Understimulated -Leads to them not developing. Which is a negative for their well-being and performance. The organization risks the person not moving on.

50-75 km/h
Challenged and stimulated -Within the framework of a speed they can handle. Positive for well-being and performance.

75-100 km/h
The organization sees the talent and gives the individual more to handle than they are ready for. Examples are projects that go beyond their experience and competence. Increases stress/burnout and reduces performance.

Both too slow and too fast speeds lead to the organization risking losing its talent (under- or over-stimulated leads to the same result).

Within which of the above speeds are you and your colleagues?