How ONE is the fashion industry?

Published by on december 30, 2005 at 4:21 e m

Did ask Jack Yan an fashion expert in New Zeeland and also the founder of an international fast growing fashion magazine Lucire and CEO, JY&A Consulting . This question: How ONE is the fashion industry?

My friend David Freak, of the Freak fashion label in New Zealand, is known for recycling fashion and showing them in unconventional venues, including gay nightclubs. But he is not alone: the Cubans have just done a show called the Art & Style fashion show, which has some recycled fashion, adorned on models and transvestites.
I know for a fact that Cuba has more traditional fashion shows, just as New Zealand does, but it is interesting that this item made the Associated Press newswires.
Cuba is a nation of tinkerers—not surprising when materials are not in as great a supply as they are in the west. However, this may have heightened Cuban inventiveness. And it might even show a way forward, because not enough of the west conserves in fashion.
I applaud the show for being inclusive. Not only did it have recycled fashion, but local artists joined in.
This is ONEness—or at least it approaches ONEness. By being inclusive with the models, and the participants, the Cubans found greater support.
It also found differentiation amongst the plethora of fashion shows that take place on the planet.
It’s fashion with a statement, and for a change it’s positive, inclusive, and human.
The world actually wants this, and Hennes & Mauritz identified the shift away from fashion snobbery when it asked Karl Lagerfeld, and more recently Stella McCartney, to design a budget-priced line for it.
Because everyone deserves good design—something that the ONE model can ensure.
All we need now is to involve not just the Lagerfelds and McCartneys in the design process—but you and me as well. Let’s begin.

Thanks to Jack Yan for these great answers with strong cases. Looking forward to see the evolution of the fashion industry changing with your mind and spirit.

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