History and future as ONE

Published by on januari 2, 2006 at 10:12 f m

Never before have the 1970s been so fully documented in television, music and fashion. It is in my opinion the most important time in modern history. It is full of humour and craziness. Therefore it should be protected, to always be alive in the future.

If we start ONE project to relive the 1970s every thousand years (2070, 3070, 4070, etc.), we can secure that the future won’t miss this period of full of humour and craziness.

The showbiz of both the 1970s and our own time could arrange a ONE concert to provide resources for this project. They would be asked, ‘How would you like to play on this record or DVD, that will always be saved for the future?’ On this DVD the best of the 1970s could be included like a historical document. If only ONE of these DVD is saved, the 1970s could live forever. The artists that are still live from the 1970s could give their DNA to this project so they can be born in the future and get their band together again.
What would you like to see live forever from most of the 1970s?
Do you have any suggestion for the name of this project?

Update Jan 3:
The culture of the 70s can not wait a thousand years to be celebrated, so there should be at least an global event every hundred years (2070, 2170, 2270 etc.).

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