Hip-hop is like a superjam for management

Published by on augusti 20, 2006 at 11:51 f m

This week where the Scandinavian Superjam hold in Stockholm. There where dancers from Scandinavia and USA and Russia breaking it down. It is interesting how the hip-hop has grow to a hole culture with an global tribe that are growing in different ages and places around the world. I use to do a breaking in the magic 1980 but this dancers are moving like management should move their business globally today.

If the best break dancers are comes from Russia, what does that say about spreading management?

Did ask some great break-dancers from Russia, how they can be so good? They did explain that some dance groups travels and bring it home and then off course we have the television.
I also think they have some Russian sport culture that helps them tap into the break dance with some acrobatic moves (Russian: Gymnastic and ice dancing and classical ballet etc). Also I think they have a need to expressing freedom and a belonging to the rest of the world. And it is also as one of the American break dancers put it: “It use to be only America, but now you al got the funk!”

In the culture of hip-hop anybody can be onstage minding “his business.”

Every year their have been arguing on communities and blogs about how is the best dancers and that it is the wrong ones on stage. So this year the audience got the opportunities to get up on stage and jam. I think some of the dancers from the audience were the best. When are we going to see a Fortune 500 company doing the same thing?
Are the young kids of today more a global culture tribe than a national one? Is the world changing if Russian break-dancers perform better than the American? Are city people building a tribe with the hip-hop culture?