Apple: Innovation and word of mouth

Published by on april 1, 2009 at 10:54 f m

Did got the lectures of Guldägget (Swedish) yesterday, good points and good lectures. Sorry but that I dont link to this great sources today but Google is a good source.

Topic: Convergence of Media: Learn how you as a media and advertising company can make the various media properties you own or manage work together in order to address the different consumption patterns of the consumer and maximize the value of your brand and media properties. Alan Rosenfeld, Business Development Manager, Apple

A good lecture in how media is changing into technologic because of the massive steps consumers are taking into the digital world we now are living in. After the lecture Alan pointed out that the last part of the world that are start to use broadband are getting most faster speed and are using hand devices instead of computers. This will change witch countries are leaders in technology and not. On the question about spreading digital content Alan responded: We at Apple would nothing else than digital rights to disappear.” That point will for shore make the music industry to see the future of content vs technology.
Topic: Brave new word. Why and how word of mouth is changing everything in advertising. Why the consumers is rule the world of communication.
A good presentation to study for free at Slideshare. The movie Watchmen is a case to study.
by Leo Rayman, planer director, Weber Shandwick
Advertising has to deliver benefit for consumers.
by David Orlic, fonder of Volontaire at Berghs School of Communication.
Electrolux is an 90 year old corporation but because of openness we  now feel like 3 years old.
by Klaus Salminen, VP Group Web Communications, Electrolux.
Transparency is key to future of word of mouth.
by Gabriel Sundqvist, fonder/CEO, Pronto
We believe in word of mouth as a part of advertising and communication.
by Moderator of this topic: Sofia Strömberg, headmistress, Berghs School of Communication.