From the Wild West to Google Downtown

Published by on oktober 22, 2007 at 10:26 f m

google_downtown.gifInternet has been nothing but the Wild West from the start until right now. It has developed in the speed of light but not as fast as it could do with more money. Companies as Google are getting 99%* of their income from the advertising money. Most advertisers are not yet spending big money online (not yet). With more money Internet will grow like never before. The highways on Internet have not yet much of direction and billions of consumer’s don’t know where to drive.

Google Earth is the first step to Google Downtown.

The search market is big online, but not yet offline. Thinks changes when technology as mobiles, broadband etc is melting downs to ONE solution.

Big money is will invest when the online world get offline. I would say that 99% of Google income yet only comes from a 1% market share.

The online market is a small market compare to the offline market (where we shop, eat and enjoy “real life”). When we are driving in our cars, we use road signs to find out where to go. That road sign could soon become Google how talks with your technology (car/GPS, mobile, computer etc). I call it “Google Downtown.” Old road sign don’t need to know how you are. The new powered buy Google could give you more relevant information if you allow it to know more about you, like history, live, are right now and shopping etc. The motivation to get you telling Google this is providing you added value in life with free Mobile phones, Internet and most communication.
Headlines in The New York Times show the future:

Google Bids to Help San Francisco Go Wireless.

I think it is amazing how Google don’t stop but instead drive change by moving forward. Their goal is not history it is future. Google are now moving into becoming an Internet provider and are trying to provide free WiFi to everyone in San Francisco.

Our calculation show that a city wide WiFi service can be offered for free in a city like San Francisco, with a breakeven in the 4 year… in Europe could also Paris and London become possible for this solution. Maria Hellström, Group Manager Cap Gemini (Speech at Tendensdagen18/10-2007*).

Well, there are no free lunches they say. But when they give you free Internet (including free mobile on Internet). When you’re in this free zone you are paying for the lunch to Google by providing information about your self. Every step you take is a search for something. Combining online and offline living is more ore less like give your tomorrow diary to advertisers. Off course this is a privacy discussion (and should be so). If Google can ad value to consumers life they are willing to give away information.
Can a computer ever be personal? Well maybe not but the information in them are for sure personal.
Are road signs personal? No! But still they are doing the same work as Google Downtown could do in the future.
Can this new version of Google road sing provide us with information without selling out our privacy? Yes I think so.
Hopefully these steps will take Internet from the Wild West and Google Downtown.