From BtoC to BtoB into BtoG(EEK)

Published by on maj 20, 2013 at 10:32 f m

Many tech companies are starting out in the BtoC (business to consumer) field and later on move on to BtoB (business to business). The transformation comes natural. The companies grow and focus their target groups according to their long-term market strategies.
There is however a danger here. Since it is always easier and safer to talk to people with your own background, they have a tendency to focus on high tech groups (“Geeks”). The geeks might be very sophisticated technology-wise, but they are a relatively small market segment. Thus, in my opinion, the tech companies often make moves in directions that turn out to be blind alleys for their brand and corporate development and expansion.

Let’s take an example: If Audi would move into BtoG, every Audi owner would know the German language and have the skills to start working as an engineer in the Audi factory.
Car manufacturers know that blind alleys are good for parking cars, not brands, and that geeks are the best in the world for inspiring and developing technology, but not as the only target group on the market.