From bonding to debriefing branding

Published by on juli 18, 2006 at 10:40 f m

Most branding gurus are recommending that you should bond your brands to get close to your consumers. It is nothing wrong with that, but if everyone does the same it won’t work. Gurus also refer that woman are bonding when they are talking with each other (building there relation by charring life). I don’t agree that they are bonding. I think they are debriefing thinks in life they need to get out of their system to deal with life. Blogs works in the same way (it makes people to feel good when they share life). On television Polices often seen doing debriefing to handle al terrible thinks they see in work.

“Group psychological debriefing has been used for a number of years as a technique to minimize the negative effects of potentially stressful and traumatic events on police officers and other emergency service workers.” Gazette.

Today there is zero! Hits on “debriefing branding” on but 53,600,000 hits on “bad news” on Google. That gap is waiting for brands to fill it.

With al the wars, terror and things happening in the world do probably today’s consumers see more in a week than a Police did in a moth for some years ago. A reason is al the global information traveling global 24 hours a day. Al this information with “bad news” is hard to handle. In this “bad news” environment are brands today trying bond consumers – it can feel a bit plastic. Wouldn’t it be better to offer what I call a “debriefing branding” where consumers can replace from al the stress an negativity that is floating around them. To do this does brands need to be REAL and take part in the changes that is going on in the world so they can be ONE with consumer’s life. Brands should not be spiritual leaders, but maybe feed the soul with some good spirit.
It is important to connect the values of “debriefing branding” with social response. It means not only offer consumers to cooping with the world, but also take responsibility for the world.
What brand of today to you thinks already work with debriefing branding? How do you think debriefing branding can make consumers handle life better in a REAL way?

Update 19 July:
Good input Jack on your comment, it is maybe the secret success of blogs that we al do debriefing.