From ApplePay to AppleCurrency?

Published by on september 24, 2014 at 10:59 f m

I predict that Apple will introduce their own AppleCurrency ONE year after they introduce ApplePay.

Apple has created a shopping system of products where everything is connected. The problem for Apple is that the demand they create is bigger than what Apple can provide with products (money paid for complimented products to Apples products and the culture connected to Apple is enormously large).

Brand image?
The revolution should be led by icon brands as Apple. Below the surface our economic system is questioned and is not stabile enough. It’s only a matter of time before a major corporation creates its own currency.

AppleCurrency can be an offline currency with real coins. The coins can have the legend Steve Jobs face, further the shape of the coins can be as their Apple logo (with the bite).
Digital it can be used to buy products on, Apple Store etc but also in other online shops.

What is the point when you can pay with ApplePay anyway?
Money makes money and Apple could make, control and increase their profit. AppleCurrency could change the world by being a powerful financial system that makes the world spin around the Apple.