Facebook rape scandal in 1984

Published by on oktober 25, 2007 at 4:04 e m

Today the social network is doing all the mistakes that George Orwell wrote about in his novel 1984. The scary part of the book is the Big Brother Syndrome (that same syndrome is now investing dollars in Facebook). I think the panic that now is starting to spread like a prairie fire in media should not have been there if it was Google behind the deal. In Sweden media is now warning people that Facebook can and will manipulate you forever (and a lot of Swedes are deleting their memberships). The Swedish IT guru Pär Stöm says to Metro: In the future when you write to a friend that is feeling down you might get an ad for Prozac on Facebook. He also points out that headhunters in the future can check who your friends were 30 years ago (really nice if you are becoming a politician).
When put up against the Swedish culture, that holds a strong sense of integrity, this situation resembles a rape of your personal integrity. Soon the more than 400.000 Swedish members of Facebook might be fewer (not in 1984 but in 2007).

Microsoft did pay 240 million dollar for 1,6% in Facebook, I strongly believe it cost Facebook more than 500 million dollar brand value.