Don’t miss The Brilliant Minds conference at Symposium Stockholm

Published by on juni 9, 2016 at 8:09 e m

Great speakers, great minds in a mix at The Brilliant Minds conference, Symposium Stockholm.

Created by Spotify’s Daniel Ek and Ash Pournouri, the founder of At Night Management, Symposium Stockholm is a week-long festival of ideas, fashion, music and tech that will capture the future and the forward-thinking energy of Sweden. The Brilliant Minds conference, June 9-10, is the flagship event of Symposium Stockholm. A gathering of innovative international luminaries, global decision-makers, and young emerging talent, Symposium Stockholm is challenging conventional thinking in business and society.
Symposium Stockholm

Watch and listen to David Bowie predicting the future of Internet.

Music, tech, fashion and media will flow seamlessly together, and we are sitting at the cross-sector of this flow, curating it through Brilliant Minds and Symposium Stockholm as a whole.
Natalia Brzezinski, CEO Symposium Stockholm