Dating is big business, when will dating bid be on

Published by on juli 25, 2006 at 9:53 f m

Sites like offer singles to meet their soul mate. But is dating really romantically? When I talk with some of my friends, it sounds more like business than dating (some do good business). Here in Stockholm, we have up to 77% single people here. Many are saying I have this and for that I want this, that’s sounds more like a deal on than romantically dating. There are different variables like beauty, personality, economical situation, background etc. When age goes up – income also income also on many date’s sites. For eBay it would be not only good business with the dating business, it would be new business (when people move together new need to sell a lot of doublets in their new home).

Will it be ore new sites like ore

I have been to some great weddings that are based on a good deal.

I think we soon will see date sites that are more in to the business deal of relations. It would be a more practical look at it. Cultures that are more into a practical relation do often get criticism but they don’t separate as often than others.
How should this new sites build more ONE relations? What should you put into your bid and what should you bay? So what do you got to offer on Would the single statistics 77% in Stockholm increase tourism? Is this too cynical?