Context 6 (10): Beyond climate control: A new business field

Published by on september 16, 2009 at 12:09 f m

Our planet has up until now been the context for how we have lived our lives. But nature is out of control, life on this planet is threaten (at least as it is today). The damage control we are doing today to change consumption into becoming green is good but many experts say it may be to less.
I have discovered something chocking but at the same time very logical. There is a large business field growing under the surface. I choose to call it “beyond climate control.” It is simple the big business that is growing as we are destroying this planet. perhaps it comes as a chock to some of you but large corporations are not equal with Green Peace. Construction corporations are planing to sell new and adapted housing solutions as a consequence of the constant rising water levels in the world. Others are planing for living solutions in space. Big changes mean big business. Survival needs is the new big business of our time. It’s cynical but “beyond climate control” is a business field that is growing. I may be the first to discover this as a business field, but not the last to consume it. Or as master mind Stephen Hawking points out:

If we want to continue beyond the next hundred years, our future is in space.
Stephen Hawking,

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