Consumer SWAT

Published by on november 28, 2006 at 11:38 f m

Most companies only listen to consumers when they are in trouble. But most of them don’t know when they are in trouble ore they don’t care. That’s why companies can keep selling us cars that in fact are nothing more than a new painted T-Ford. It is time for consumers to take control of the evolution. The open source system is good but it is not aggressive enough, we need a team of “consumer SWAT” to open boardroom doors.

The originally SWAT: Special Weapons Assault Team
The consumer SWAT: Special Whispers Assault Team

I don’t mean that it should be done with violence ore crime but the force need to hit where it heart the most – bottom-line actions. How ones the brand if not the consumers? So if you want a car that is more than a new painted T-Ford and product and services that not looks like a history book you can build your self a positive consumer SWAT. How will be the first to put up to provide what whispers with action can do with Word of mouth?