Carolina Klüft: 90% of the result comes from play

Published by on september 14, 2021 at 10:22 f m

Carolina: “90% of my success is due to play and joy.” An interview filled with insights and inspiration in order to increase playfulness and results.

The success, joy and energy of Carolina’s career is legendary. Not everyone saw the connection between playfulness (playing Yahtzee, dancing etc.) and the ability to perform gold in the Olympics. The critics claimed that she did not take the sport seriously – but unlike the critics, she had to stand at the top of the winners podium.

Was your focus to win?
If I’m just my achievement, win or loss, it can easily become a deadlock in the competition. Playfulness made me relax between my performances.

When did play take place in sports?
When we played at home, competition elements grew into the play. A mattress in the garden was allowed to be a prop in the high jump play. For me, there was no difference between play and sports.

Was play important for your results?
Yes, it was absolutely crucial I would say! When I started competing with adults, I was afraid that I would have to adapt and start taking sports too seriously, but I quickly understood that it takes energy to be someone other than who you are.

A boss of mine once said: Here we do not have fun, here we work! What do you think of that attitude?
To be playful is to be serious. It is important to give energy to play to find solutions that move forward towards results.

Have you learned from the body to the skull?
Yes, the body and skull create a positive loop of learning that playfulness enhances and strengthens.

What are your driving forces?
1: Have fun. 2: Do my best…give 100%. 3: Learn new things.

An interview with Carolina Klüft fulfills all three points.

How can you as an individual/team/company/organization increase 90% of the result through play?
How can you increase the speed between skull/leadership and body/organization?