Can the Sex industry fight for the forest?

Published by on augusti 25, 2006 at 7:27 f m

They are wild and some think creasy, and they are making love onstage at rock concerts. And they are from Norway and call them self’s for fuck for forest.” By using live sex they want to save the rainforest.

I would like to see a knockdown when good wins over the bad parts of business

If others would do the same in it could be named “fight for forest” and perform at K1, UFC and other “fight concerts.” When is “war for forest” coming? The war industry is full of people how want to change what they are doing, but not now how. Have been talking with some of them from Germany and USA about doing other products (ore as a director did say: Its not so fun to discus missiles armed with nuclear warheads with your kids). They will listen to profit with mental health if they now how to change. Ore lets say: Fight the power with power.

A lot of people hate “fuck for forest” for using sex to save the nature. I wont go in to that discussion. Here is how they explain what they are doing on their site:

“Each year, huge areas of rainforest are systematically cut down. Invaluable animal and plant life is being decimated to make way for commercial interests. For too many humans, development has become more important than the balance of nature. Is humanitys cynical behave more powerful than idealism..?” (adult site)

The sex industry is doing BIG MONEY. With the concept of “fuck for forest” they could also do BIG MENTAL PROFIT. The people behind the sex industry could work with them. They could sell special products (DVD’s, shows and maybe an soap on television etc) that would give back money for saving the forest. Also it would give consumers a “good” choice even in this kind of business. Of course people would say that this is a way to make dirty business clean. YES, you could say so but is really Playboy that dirty? Ore is it a brand that are making big money and could with one party give millions to the “fuck for forest” movement? What people think about the sex industry it’s as old as we can remember and will be here for a longer time than the rain forest (if we don’t do anything).

It is only when evil kisses good that a new world can be created. Evil contains power and know-how. If every bullet fired in the former Yugoslavia had been a seed, the region would have been a rainforest to stroll in, instead of a mass grave to cry over.

A kiss can change many things in life, even in a boardroom. What more “xx for good things” do you see? Is it to cynical to have “bad business” doing good thinks? Are charity organizations to good to see how “bad business” can change the world?