Can new science predict a hit songs?

Published by on december 21, 2011 at 11:13 f m

According to information from University of Bristol, can now science predict hit songs:

The team found they could classify a song into a ‘hit’ or ‘not hit’ based on its score, with an accuracy rate of 60 per cent as to whether a song will make it to top five, or if it will never reach above position 30 on the UK top 40 singles chart.
University of Bristol

Is possible to predict hits in the UK singles charts. We’ve come up with a system for working out which songs are more likely to ‘make it’ in the charts, and also the features which make up the perfect hit.

Interesting science. Many of the science persons where tittle Dr, I think they should have included some tittle Dj to mix hard facts with more soft emotions, in order to understand whats really makes people get up and dance.