Authentic trend from New York

Published by on februari 1, 2019 at 11:00 f m

After a marathon of fake news, authenticity is now being demanded. Companies like Apple strengthen its communication with this trend of authenticity.

Having just returned from New York, I witnessed a real trend. In the past, many wanted to embellish reality, but today they want to highlight and praise its credibility.
A marathon of fake news has created a strong desire for the opposite.
A good example is Apple’s store in Williamsburg, NY. When Apple took over an old brick house, it was renovated back to its structural origin. They became a local heroes and part of something larger than just themselves.
This trend from NY can benefit many companies if they pack their core values and translate them into dollars. They can then, just like Apple, build their value, brick by brick.
Storytelling is not just about telling a story, its about creating genuine and authentic values.
How can you increase your success with this authentic trend?