Advertisers admit that consumers rule

Published by on april 24, 2009 at 10:26 f m

This week was the full day seminar “Stora Annonsördagen” proceed by the Association of Swedish Advertisers. This year there was no air guitar playing onstage, but a lot of “lets invite the consumers to play in the adverting band.”
I am have been working with ONE (becoming one with the consumers) my hole life and to here it finally becoming an reality is more than unbelieving great. As the world leading expert in ONE (one of to few), I could not live in another country – Sweden is a in its culture like IKEA, humble and offering unique possibles to put life together in whatever you like it to be.
The best two speakers was Eivor Andersson, CEO, Ving Sweden and Adam Balon, Fonder, Innocent drinks. Ving is an travel corporation (part of Thomas Cook) that now lets the consumers to travel inside their brand. They do this partly by letting the voice of the consumers tell their own stories on Google Earth. This is for bloggers nothing new, but the new thing is that corporations incorporate the culture of Internet into their being as a brand. It is really great if brands finally open their doors. For a lot of brands it not about a choice its about surviving. People travel as easy as a mouse click away and for Ving its really about being that mouse click ore not.
For does how wanted to play the air guitar, here is the video from last year.