A Spanish kiss with an Effie Award?

Published by on augusti 21, 2006 at 10:00 f m

This morning I drank a cop of coffee that tasted more than fantastic, it was the Spanish brand Marcilla with the coffee sort “Gran Aroma Mizcla.” The taste was so good that I did see an opportunity for a global advertising campaign for the coffee. The concept I see is for television but can be adapted to other media channels. Maybe it will get an Effie Award ONE day.

Here is the story that I did see:
A Spanish reporter asks the male consumer that is drinking the coffee: “How did the coffee taste?”
And the consumer answers: “It tasted like a kiss from a Spanish woman.”
She replay (a bit surprised): “Have you ever got a kiss from a Spanish woman?”
Still drinking the coffee he responds: “No!”
The reporter leans over and gives him his first Spanish kiss.
He responds happily: “Exactly, that is the taste!”

Then the pay off could be:

Get your Spanish kiss

Colombo is back for a kiss
This campaign idea will increase the now how for the coffee and its taste: It will also increase the numbers of Spanish kisses asked by a lot of new tourist coming over to find out how the real stuff really taste. It will be like having Colombo coming back for a kiss.

The example is off course the opposite for a girl tasting it and a male reporter ore for does how like the Pride parade. This will make the consumers to see themselves in the brand mirror globally. They can also produce the advertisement with a representative Japan man ore female in Japan and etc around the globe. Customize it for every target group there is down to the smallest details so the consumer will see them self in the commercial.
I don not work for Marciella ore Spain. Off course this is a hypothetical idea and I guess that they have many other kisses to work with. Should not al products and services be fantastic and give consumers this feeling of wanting to become ONE with the brand?
It can also been criticized for being focus on sex and being a silly soap commercial but if it done right it will be with the right level of charm and distance. It can also be global PR where reporters are doing the commercial for “live” and testing if it really REAL.
So how does your coffee taste? And is this concept to fare out to be an Effie Award? Will it sell the product? Will it increase tourism in Spain? Will it increase the sell of Spanish lipstick? How will cafés and restaurants serve the coffee? Is this too much for the payoff: Find it in your local store ore at then