A Skype Night in Stockholm

Published by on maj 16, 2006 at 12:14 e m

Yesterday evening I was at the Skype Night in Stockholm, it was an interesting evening for Skypes partners. Around the success of Skype is now a whole society of partners growing. Skype now that they can grow faster and deliver more value to 100.000.000 consumers, if they work as ONE with their partners. I really like the new versions of how to connect Skype to your mobile (you will see al lot of it in media).

The transparent market is creating a new paradigm of open innovation
that is powered by millions of consumers.

A company that also work as ONE with their partners is P&G. They now that they must always bring something to the consumer party. At the company collects input from every part of the market, acting as a meeting place for suppliers, researchers, experts and laymen. With more than 5 billion consumers worldwide, P&G is in a position to make a difference. By continuously improving existing products the company is creating a winning product relationship with consumers as consumers gradually become aware that they are part of that evolution. Keeping in mind that P&G’s products have washed, fed and wiped customers in more ways than anyone can imagine (no need to go into details here) it would be strange indeed if the company didn’t make use of customer feedback. Now with the decline in commercial TV audiences and the diminishing effectiveness of TV advertising, listening to the customer is more than just an innovative idea; it’s a matter of survival.
What possibilities do you see with ONE for your partners?