A book launch that turned marketing upside down

Published by on oktober 7, 2009 at 12:03 f m

Last week was the Swedish book launch of my latest book ”The Fall of PR and the Rise of Advertising.” The launch was overcrowded but 200 leading professionals from the PR and advertising community in Sweden attended.
The discussions were hot because of the theme of the book, but also due to a strong media attention before the launch (two examples 1 & 2). One key question was whether the PR industry understands social media. In my opinion, PR in general doesn’t do so but there are always exceptions (read specialists). In an interview for I mentioned that PR does not understand the digital culture we live in today (translation).
Opening speaker: CEO Jan Fager, The Swedish Marketing Federation.
Moderator: CEO Pär Lager, Berghs School of Communication.
The panel of the day was impressive: Peppe Engberg. Merci Olsson, Marketing and Communications Manager, Carl Wåreus, OMD. Ingrid Lindström, CEO, McBride. Andreas Dahlin, affärsutvecklingskonsult. Kristofer Björkman, Newsdesk. Stefan Hyttfors, Wenderfalck. Catharina Jevrell, CEO, Re:Public Relations. Robert Almqvist, Senior Advisor, Hill & Knowlton. Rolf van den Brink, Bloggare. Patrik Persson, Partner / Business Director, Great Works. Hans Sydow, CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi.
My goal for the day was to start discussions and a debate in the communication community in how we work and how we can adopt and change with our time. A special thanks to Jan Fager and Pär Lager for arranging and hosting this book launch. And thanks to the magic panel for sharing their passion and knowledge.