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From Fender to Customization Cloning Inc

Published by on januari 15, 2007

Did walk into a guitar shop and could not see why the guitar that looks old and used was more expensive than the new guitars. They explained that al of them where used. But the ones that I belief was old was a “customization cloning.” Well they did not use that words I use but they did say it was an exact copy from a famous guitar player. Everything on it was authentic (dirt, finger imprint after years of using it).

Few brand have the strings to touch costumers as Fender.

Strings and al kinds of special things this guitar player was using after 20 years of playing with it. The point is as they told me that I could buy an exact copy of my guitar star that sounds exactly the same (is that an selling point or what). Take a walk on the Fender wild site on costumer shop and find out why how cool it is and then ask why others like GM aren’t doing the same thing? Maybe you like to have not only the same brands as your idols are using but an exact copy (more personal than an autograph and totally unique feeling). You only have to pick out a movie and what product you like to have form it. Al this could expand to an global companies that can be called “Customization Cloning Inc” and deliver anything that you like to have cloned in products… what about Nick Nolte’s car in the movie 48 Hrs? If not that car, maybe you prefer an exact copy of the furniture at the famous café in Seinfeld. When you watch a movie next time maybe it is online with the so you only have to click on the products you like to order.
If you like to start the “Customization Cloning Inc” you will find good know how in the theater field, in how to make “fake” products become “real” business. In the meantime you always can by your favorite guitar star’s guitar but if you like it to sound as good as Pink Floyd played on it you don’t need to plug it only play air guitar.

Adidas makes customization to an art form

Published by on april 5, 2006

Adidas have a concept that is called Adicolor (check it out). It is not new but now it is coming back strong and it will be a big rollout 2006. To give consumers only ONE color like white shoes and then give them colors to paint there one shoes ore clothes with is a great first step to become ONE.

If you make shoes, it comes naturally to fit in the costumer into the product. But are not consumers inside cars to?

It would be great if GM would provide consumers with colors to paint their car with. Maybe that would set new color on the Cadillac that now hits European dealerships.
How do you think this will make the product stand out? Is it helping the sells and marketing with storytelling? Is this enormous creative more in the right time now than when they started the customization? How does an MTV show like Pimp my ride boast customization as a consumer culture? How should you paint, your shoes, clothes and Cadillac?

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Published by on maj 21, 2012

Scary movies for United Airlines

Published by on juli 25, 2009

This story is nearly to good to be true. Talented musician Dave Carroll are also an consumer how know how to hit back if he is not well served. In this case he made a hit. Over 4 million viewers on YouTube.

This videos function as scary movies for all airlines corporations, not only United Airlines. I am not a musician but I often as a consumer have the feeling that employes are taking out their anger against their employer on the consumers. But when the opposite happens consumers as Dave can make songs about airlines as Southwest Airlines. It would be an good move to invite him to do so, with an costume made guitar payed for by Southwest airlines, the airline how makes consumers so happy that they start singing. They could let Fender build Dave’s new costume made guitar, others could then buy the exact guitar and with that fly with discussant if they play good music in the airplane (that will build buzz and sell guitars and unite consumers to fly with Southwest airlines).
This story journey ended up in many big news channels as Fox news.
Thanks to David Ulfstrand for informing me about this great story.

Stiff-legged Pharmaceutical businesses vs. adapt and survive

Published by on april 21, 2008

It interesting how industries that grows becomes stiff-legged. The Pharmaceutical businesses will not survive according to specialist if they don’t adapt to the market. The reason for why they have become so stiff is because they could (no competition – lobbying that their Titanic pills are good for al consumers). But now when the market grows (partly as an result of their products…). They have to learn how to tap into consumer focus and learn what customization means.
The reason for why they want to learn this is more money on a growing market. Also that more and more government are changing/updating the legal system so greed doesn’t kill patients.
Simon Friend, global pharmaceutical leader, PricewaterhouseCoopers did hold a lecture at KTH in Stockholm. The point of the lecture is found here at (in Swedish).

Global Pharma Market Predicted to More Than Double In Value to $1.3 Trillion by 2020: Industry Must Transform to Capitalise On Opportunities.

If The Pharmaceutical businesses don’t listen they will end up with more movies as Sicko (and as Simon did say having image problems so they don’t can employ the best science workers). Simon also points out in his lecture that it’s strange that a business that purpose is to save live is not trusted.
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Unique Selling Unique (USU)

Published by on september 27, 2007

In a time when customization is growing faster than ever, its time to update the old model of: Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Did Google it today and did not find anything. I like to update USP to: Unique Selling Unique (USU).

I relations we search for the perfect match (two unique persons how become a couple). USU are a more private choice than buying a solution, USU needs to match YOU.

Consumers want to buy brands that are and make them unique. Internet is full of companies how provide uniqueness to consumers, here are a Swedish upcoming store (they guaranty that you are unique by only make around 50 T-Shirt of each design). Will GM give you the same guaranty that you are unique? Here are some unique cases on this blog: Adidas, GM, Zildjian, Fender etc. How USU are your brand? And how successful can it become with USU?

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How to bet on future business

Published by on augusti 19, 2007

Companies that make music instruments are listening to their consumers as exactly musicians listen to their instruments. Tune in to The Zildjian Company in a good Harvard Business article by Gardiner Morse. Fender is also letting there consumers play with there A&D.
Is this ONE case the fruit of the passion they share?
Thanks to Erik Kayser for sending this case.

Take a Ladies Taxi in Dubai to Manhattan

Published by on januari 4, 2007

Customization is big business and good service, and being polite to female consumers is a nice thing.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced commencement of the Ladies Taxi service from the first of January 2007 offering comfort, safety and privacy to women, both residents and tourists. In the first stage, it will be operating 50 modern and comfortable vehicles distinguished by its roof with pink color, and driven by 100 qualified women with high levels of training in the driving and methods of dealing with the public.” Dubai Weekly Newsletter 45

It is a new service with Ladies Taxi in Dubai, but what if the same service would be given on Manhattan? Then it could be going from “Sex in the city” to “shop in the city?” Do you think the service could be a new TV soap?