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From Apple Special Event into Steve Jobs+ (?)

Published by on mars 29, 2019

Finally… at the 2019 Apple Special Event they are picking up speed and moving their innovation forward. Not in hardware, yet in services at payment, cards, news, games, tv etc with an extra + for those willing to pay for added value. This move is Apple’s attack on profitable solutions, such as Netflix and others, who are successful in the Apple app store. They are practically making service solutions that are turning billions of their screens into a global supermarket (shopping starts at Apple). It is a smart move in the short run, but it can be copied. What can not be copied is the DNA of Steve Jobs, it would be a more unique move to do a series of Steve Jobs hardware products, with respect of the legend. Myself and others do actually buy old models, because they still have the DNA of Steve Jobs.  (In other words, a real Apple product). Emotions are harder to copy than a services. Do not think they will call it Steve Jobs+ but that is what it is, and what I and other fans want.

Two Chinese press clips for Sharkonomics (biting into Apple and Ikea)

Published by on november 7, 2018

鯊魚經濟學》:把弱點外包,是IKEA維持優勢的秘訣 / Outsourcing weaknesses is the secret of IKEA’s advantage
The News Lens (Google translation)
《鯊魚經濟學》:如何「一口接一口」地攻擊蘋果?/ How to attack Apple in one bite?
The News Lens (Google translation)
Press clips is for the Sharkonomics edition in Complex Chinese that is available in Taiwan, Hong Kong.

Press clip in VA: Swedish disruptive expert: Apple is like Alcatraz – and so Samsung can get the “prisoners” to fly

Published by on september 25, 2018

Swedish disruptive expert: Apple is like Alcatraz – and so Samsung can get the “prisoners” to fly.
Press clip in VA, article by Karl-Johan Byttner (Google translation, in Swedish).

The art of eating an Apple

Published by on maj 25, 2018

On an island outside of San Francisco, the Alcatraz prisoner-proof prison was built. Thousands of people were locked behind bars over the years. Today, millions of customers are locked behind mobile screens. Perhaps it’s time to escape?

We are trapped in technology. Our mobile screens imprison us as much as Alcatraz did with their prisoners. If you removed all the screens and made the technology invisible, customers would fly to escape the “screen prison”, just like a number of prisoners fled from Alcatraz at the time.

Can you really criticize Apple?
Apple is extremely successful economically. One reason for their profitability is that customers have no choice customers have been voluntarily incorporated into their system (loyal prison inmates). Unintended loyalty creates a demand for freedom (from all screens, not only from Apple’s).

Start a Pear or an Orange
Just as the fugitive prisoners proved that Alcatraz was possible to escape from, you can start a competitor for to the “screen prison”, which proves that it is possible to deliver freedom in technology solutions. Below the surface, AI (Artificial Intelligence) approaches make it easier to create more open solutions based on voluntary loyalty. Start an option that delivers freedom and why not call it Pear or Orange?!

If Samsung uses Sharkonomics strategies, they would more quickly learn the art of eating an Apple.

Tesla + Apple = Drive/move

Published by on maj 21, 2018

Tesla + Apple = Drive/move

Google + Apple = Goople

Published by on november 18, 2017

Google + Apple = Goople

@EconBizFin: Will #Spotify win over #Apple in the Eurovision song contest #digital competition?

Published by on maj 9, 2016

Spotify wants to grow, they are competing with Apple; I would love Spotify to challenge some of the big platform companies in the world.
Mikael Damberg, Sweden’s minister of enterprise (

Thanks to Ade, Women In Marketing.

#DisneyLand is magic. Why does nog #Apple creat their own #AppleLand and magic?

Published by on april 29, 2016

#DisneyLand is magic. Why does nog #Apple creat their own #AppleLand and magic?

Pebble vs. Apple Watch. Is Smartwatch a smart move?

Published by on februari 19, 2016

Competition is good for Apple, but what happens when there not the number 1 in a product category? Well timing is important, and even more so when they sell Apple Watch. I wonder if its really a smart move to dive into the smartwatch aquaria? There are so many other innovations where they could be number 1 (it use to be Apple’s image to be the inventor and not be a follower in to a museum of products).

While Pebble is in many ways still a leader of the newly created industry, they now face serious competition. AppleWatch is just around the corner, Samsung, Motorola and others are launching Smartwatches almost daily based on Google’s Android for Wearables Technology. Pebble as a company is facing a showdown with the biggest Techgiants – and despite their success they are still David in a battle with not just one but dozens of Goliaths., article: Pebble vs. Apple Watch – about the Smartest Marketing Decision of 2015, Yet. By Jonathan Gebauer.

If Apple swim like a Sharkonomics shark they would jump into new innovations. Thanks to William Shepherd, @BrandOneCulture and Michael Jacobs.

Will challengers as Tesla, Google and Apple feed on the Volkswagen scandal?

Published by on september 26, 2015

The Volkswagen scandal is an sad story.

But its also in does time big changes take action.

If Tesla, Google or Apple had a Sharkonomics attack strategy they would move from the shadow to the surface as powerful with their car brands as Apple did with the iPhone (in other words now is the time to change the car industry for ever).

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