50 Additional tickets to the Kotler & Koenigsegg seminar

Published by on november 10, 2016 at 12:34 e m

Do not miss the legend Prof. Philip Kotler live on stage with the fastest of al Swedish brands.

In one corner of the boxing ring the founder of modern marketing and management – in the other one of the most fascinating entrepreneurs of our time. In a unique seminar Kotler and Koenigsegg will come together to demonstrate the difference between great and fantastic.
Kotler: The founding father of modern management and marketing will come to Sweden for the first and only time in ten years, as part of his world tour. During one single day, he will share his views on the future, business intelligence and brand new findings.
Koenigsegg: In just two decades, Koenigsegg has made his mark in the history books with his company, despite severe setbacks and difficult challenges. For the first time, he will now share his secrets and know-how. Together, Kotler and Koenigsegg will provide you with knowledge, inspiration and ideas that will last for years to come.”

For more information and tickets: (Enter the code “Detective Marketing” for additional tickets and discounts)