400 000 minds as ONE at Pride in Stockholm

Published by on augusti 6, 2006 at 10:35 f m

Yesterday was the grand finale at the Pride parade in Stockholm 35.000 joined the parade in colors from the rainbow and 350.000 in the audience open their mind and become ONE. Gay pride is a big movement in changing minds (and that’s why it started). This year it was full of gay tourist that did spend their money in Stockholm (pink money). The commercial level of this parade is growing because of the visible money (new media channels etc) that the guy community is investing in brands.

The tin opener for the gay community to attract the corporate world started as pink but wild end in the colors of the rainbow.

ONE reader Lars Johansson did send me the photo above and with good input from the festival (thanks Lars). Brands like IKEA and MER (more) did make slogans that were talking to the community direct: “Get in to the wardrobe” and “Make love MORE.” I think that the level of the money is so big that most marketing managers should soon be dressed in pink.
How can different organizations learn from pride parade? Is the commercial level going to growing from green to rainbow colors in al markets? Is the best concept the ONE everybody can dance to?