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Mi-Obama phone: Wort more than thousands pyramids

Published by on december 3, 2009

A mobile phone dedicated to Barack Obama. It is not sold al over the world, only in Kenya. It is “an out of the mobile box” company how are making history: Mi Phone. Watch their CEO in this interview CNBC explaining why they are doing it and how they are focusing their business on Africa an India. He did point out: “It is in the bottom of the pyramids where the money is.” With their Mi-Obama phone, people standing at that bottom of the pyramids are now turning the pyramids upside down. How? The message: Yes we can! Is wort more than thousands pyramids! Fans vs. insiders

Published by on december 1, 2009

What is loyalty? Is it inside ore outside an corporation? When employes does not believe in their leaders they feel more loyal to the fan community outside the corporation. is an fantribe that get news stuff long before media. Here is how they point out their fans vs. insidersrelation:

Are you an insider with a confidential tip-off? Djup Strupe (it’s Swedish for ‘deep throat’) is the name given to the collected group of people who have inside knowledge of the company and don’t mind passing a little of it on for responsible use by a passionate and true-hearted website. Your anonymity is guaranteed.

In hard economic times it is easy to get insiders to spread secret information to fans how believe in their future (a leadership that fires employes are not trusted, but fans are emotional more connected). What is loyalty? It is not something that can be measured ore achieve by paying employes salary.
Instead leaders could creating an tribe of believers inside and outside the corporation, loyalty has an foundation to stand on in good and bad times.

Top 10 posts – 6 new of 10

Published by on november 29, 2009

Read the Top 10 most popular posts for the moment. New nr 1: How to become number 1 at

Saab needs to go outside the car-box-branding

Published by on november 26, 2009

Many critics say that Saab needs to redesign the car model to be more different. Yes, that’s true but more interesting; can branding knowledge be a part of product development? Why are brands interesting and products often boring? GM wants fast results, but redesigning takes time and is expensive. So let us look at ways for Saab to break the declining trend and sell more cars.

With your positive outlook on Saab challenges and thoughts on our importance for Sweden you also contributes in a good way.
Knut Simonsson, Executive Director, Global Marketing
Saab Automobile

Use the values in the Swedish nation brand: Sweden needs Saab as a potent symbol and without the original brands, Sweden would more or less be a blond brand marketed by Hollywood.
The concept of nations as brands has long been accepted. Saab is using values (ie, safety, environment, quality, etc) from the nation brand. How can Sweden as a brand and Saab work together? For instance, all Saab owners worldwide should visit Sweden on the same day as a PR marketing campaign. Wherever a Saab owner is in the world, he or she should have a connection to Sweden. Why not offer a promotional trip to Sweden for the first 50,000 new car buyers? Also offer a special trip to 20,000 recent buyers of the latest Saab model. Develop the PR and branding for the car by collaborating with famous Saab owners. For instance, Bjorn Borg could drive a Saab across Europe back home to Sweden. You can work globally with this Saab tour by using the local sales and marketing forces. What an adventure you could create for local Saab owners from UK, Spain, USA, etc — who can drive their Saab to Sweden?
How wild will the local press drive the Saab brand? Maybe some newspaper headlines will be “The Vikings are going back to Sweden, and their leader is Saab this time”. Get the salespeople to listen to the consumer buzz on the street level and incorporate it with the marketing.
If Tiger Woods is driving and playing golf on the way to Sweden, then support the golf target group with the same model in PR and marketing. To support the tour, there should be a campaign site,, on the internet where all the drivers can build a community. Every car should have a sticker with a unique number from 1-70,000. When people spot any of these cars on the street, they can go to the website and read about different family adventures, see photos, read their diary or send them questions about their car (this would make it easy for the press to follow the tour). Consumers can compete to win a brand new Saab by booking a free test drive on the internet.
If there is an average of three people in every of the 70,000 cars, the tour totals 210,000 Saab fans. If they use special printed postcards and community emails to send their stories from the trip to 20 friends, it will be about 4,200,000 people that will read and spread the word about the Saab story (why not send 10% of these to the CEOs of GM).
Every week there is a top 10 story list on the site for reporters and fans to read and spread. To support the storytelling from the contenders, they should produce specially made car accessories.
Swedish tourism would be delighted with 210,000 people visiting and spending money in the country. Moreover, there could be millions of future tourists inspired by the publicity of the tour. How strong will this consumption of Sweden make the Saab brand? The brand values hidden behind the scene, usually not visible for consumers, need to be made visible. When you give a car a deeper identity and history, its buyers are less likely to change brand. And, isn’t it true that most brands today within the car industry are considered “global brands”, with no deeper identity?
In addition to profit on the sales of cars connected to the tour, Saab will have a lot of opportunities to gain extra income and additional values. For example, the tour could be partly financed by partners with matching brands, interested in the publicity and context of the adventure.
Here are some questions to develop the adventure tour:
How can they not only finance the adventure, but also make a profit? How can every sale of a trip to Sweden also communicate an offer from Saab? What other opportunities do you see on this tour?
This is only one example of how a company could recreate an identity lost in globalization by using their roots. Selling 200,000 cars is now a problem outside the car-box.

Press Release: Author gives away 800 copies of his new book for free

Published by on november 25, 2009

International author and speaker, Stefan Engeseth, gives away 800 copies of his new book, The Fall of PR and the Rise of Advertising, at Eurobest the european advertising festival. Online the book has already got more than 600.000 hits on Google search “the fall of PR.”
In our harsh economic times, it is important to move business forward. That’s why author Stefan Engeseth gives away 800 newly printed books at Eurobest the european advertising festival, taking place November 25–27 in Amsterdam. A copy of his book will be included in all delegates’ bags. It felt so logical for the author to do this that he also in person will hand out books at the festival. His goal is to raise the economic bar with his book, which is full of creative and inspiring business ideas. It is Engeseth’s dream as an author to reach all the readers who can make a difference, so he will also give away the full book as a free download on his site
Isn’t a bit too out-of-the-box to give away 800 books? ‘People keep telling me I think outside the box, but I really don’t know what they mean. I’ve never even seen the box,’ says Stefan Engeseth.

Move business forward and drag Top Management along with you!
Al Ries’ best selling book, The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR, shook the advertising industry to the bone. The advertising world was outraged. When Ries argued that advertising just wasn’t working any more, he had struck a nerve. Advertising was simply not changing with the times.
Half a decade later, things have come full circle. PR is now finding its credibility in the intensive care unit. Stefan Engeseth gives the PR business the same treatment. The Fall of PR & the Rise of Advertising, with a foreword by Al Ries, analyses the enormous changes in the media landscape in PR, advertising and everything in between.
Stefan Engeseth’s books, Detective Marketing and ONE, have firmly established him as one of today’s most refreshing business thinkers. In his latest book, The Fall of PR & the Rise of Advertising, he shows how advertising has redefined itself and re-emerged as a force to be reckoned with. Written in his trade mark, funny, original and provocative style, the book adds whole new dimensions to the business world.

Free download. Full content of the book.
Click here to free download the full content of the book.
10 points that are speeding up the fall of PR.
10 points that are speeding up the rise of advertising.
Click here to get photos and book cover in HR.

For more information, contact Stefan Engeseth.

When quoting text or using visuals, cite the source: American Airlines anti-branding

Published by on november 19, 2009

It is interesting how bad leadership can go from branding to anti-branding in a few seconds. Why? With social media seconds was like years before and bad leadership is like putting gasoline on a fire.

A FEW MONTHS AGO, I wrote an article expressing my displeasure with American Airlines‘ hideous online presence. I also spent some time mocking up a redesigned version of their website. To my surprise, a user experience designer at emailed me an amazing response describing some of the design problems faced in large corporations. You should read my original article here and the response from Mr. X here. An hour after I posted the response, American Airlines fired Mr. X.

If we hear that you’re firing employees because of their transparency, how are we supposed to take your official social networking efforts seriously?

Why are airline corporations flying so low when it comes to consumer experience / branding?
Thanks to Manoj Aravindakshan for sending me this story. Watch free seminars online

Published by on november 18, 2009

Watch the entrepreneur seminar Good morning 2019. Good speakers where focusing on what will happen 2019. Dr. Kjell A. Nordström did predict that woman will take over the business world. Andreas Ehn the former CTO of Spotify was showing his future projects (smart map solutions). Stefan Persson, hero for H&M did share his humble master mind. Matthew Barzun, the US Ambassador in Sweden did deliver good points from his volunteer work on Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. Here is the succes formula: 1. Move metrics (give money). 2. Barriers (lower them). Expectations (rasie them). It’s al about mixing this to create engagement. Sara Öhrvall, Executive Vice President, Research & Development, Bonnier Group. Where focusing on how media consumtion will change with new solutions as Kindle. Sara gave the coolest statement of the day:

Any big company how want to have an innovative climate need a DJ!
Sara Öhrvall, Bonnier Group.

GM2019 – 07 – Dr. Li Gong + Panel discussion with Matthew Barzun

Watch my favorite lecture from the day, Dr. Li Gong, Chairman and CEO of Mozilla Online Ltd. He points out the Chines way of doing business in a way I never heard anyone do before. Wath al the speakers for free here.

From iPhone to MiPhone

Published by on november 17, 2009

The Chines saying: “Innovate when you can. Copy when you can’t innovate.”*
When a copy of an iPhone cost 100 USD and have better software* consumers don’t think of it’s cald MiPhone.

*Did here about the MiPhone on from speaker: Dr. Li Gong, Chairman and CEO of Mozilla Online Ltd on the seminare Watch his speech on video here.

Back in 2007 did I wrote an post: iPhone me Steve Jobs. Did also mention that finally are Apple starting to swim in water where there is some real competetition. And now we can see the result of this competition ore copytition out there. Here are at least 20 more iPhone copies. I think Apple has to rethink their strategi and get out of the box of controll and start to make their sollutions part of a bigger picture.

Me and Barack Obama at Pocket Shop

Published by on november 14, 2009

Sometimes in life you have luck. Like having your book next to Barack Obama at Pocket Shop. It is an honor. But as the humble Swede I am I could not believe my eyes so I had to take some photos. The book is also sold in Sweden at the online shops as, Sveriges Marknadsförbund and off course international at Amazon and Barns and Nobel etc.

SIME Awards: Winners: Spotify and Apple iPhone

Published by on november 13, 2009

Yesterday evening was the winners of SIME Awards selected. SIME Rising Star of the North winner: Spotify. SIME Grand Prize winner: Apple iPhone.

For me the winner this year was the consumers. Why? Because nearly every successful IT companies I interviewed did told me that they hire talent from their fantribe! And without this fans they would not be so successful!

Thanks to Ola Ahlvarsson for being pure energy and a great moderator. SIME conference first day was entertaining, but the second day was much more hard core inspiration. Speakers where focusing on how to improving business (most people I talk with liked day two).

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