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Givomat an Amex machine to haven

Published by on december 19, 2007

Today is the premier for the Givomat at Arlanda, it is the opposite (you give money to the machine). The receiver at the airport Arlanda is Stockholms Stadsmission. The Givomat is also in the Swedish church so you can say it is an Amex machine to haven (would be nice to get receipts from haven, at an airport).

Thanks to Josefine Haamer von Hofsten.

Google hear you!

Published by on december 19, 2007

Google is running faster than no other company on earth. But when you run as fast as they do it is important not to run in the wrong direction. They not always now where to run so they ask YOU. Google and their partner companies are focusing their development on listening:

2007 was a really good year for orkut. So many new features were launched! But where did these new ideas come from? Well, mostly from you. Yes, it was all of you who sent us the enormous amount of suggestions about how to make orkut even better. Viviana Agostinho, orkut Operations Team

It not only good to be one with consumers inspires and gives energy to run much further than traditional companies does.

Whopper freak out – faking fans?

Published by on december 18, 2007

Consumers now longer know what’s real and what’s fake. So they starts to listen more to fans/consumers and then off course commercials more sounds like fan site movies and are having the same way of telling the story as Michael Moore. Do you think it is for real ore is it faking fans? How fare can a brand go to sell a hamburger? Is it smart ore stupid?

Burger King removes the Whopper from the menu, and hidden cameras record the freak-out. The Home of the Whopper takes on new meaning when the King plays his …

Children’s art museum

Published by on december 17, 2007

Everything children do is in my opinion pure art. In Sweden has children been given art from medium.It’s a Children’s art museum, a mix be twin a real museum and a dolls house. It’s a room full of ideas.

Over 42 000 feed subscribers

Published by on december 16, 2007

This blog now got over 42000 subscribers… that is really cool.
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Piracy is good change management

Published by on december 15, 2007

In the post: TV industry using piracy as a measure of success does Guinevere Orvis point out a mental change in the TV and music industry:

Tech-savvy consumers have been boldly declaring that piracy can help and not hinder industry for years (especially when it comes to music downloads), but I was shocked the first time I heard the same claim from another group: from some very knowledgeable marketing types one day over a year ago in a boardroom. One of them simply asked, “Is the show on BitTorrent? How many people are downloading it?”

Barack Obama consumer power

Published by on december 13, 2007

This video (a remix) is a fantastic example of the consumer power that helps to promote the next president of consumer power and maybe the USA.

Barack Obama is getting a lot of free support from consumer power (music, videos and artistic work). The France revolution is more fun in the states.

Brands vs. personal advertisement

Published by on december 12, 2007

Most brands are communicated as personal advertisement, not what they are but what they like to be. That’s why both lead to so much separation (they cant match high expectations).

Singing the City Branding hit

Published by on december 10, 2007

On MTV they are singing about Stockholm, the hit is called “Stockholm Calling” I would say its like singing the “City Branding.” I believe that City Branding is getting bigger than “country branding.” The reason is that it is easier for people to stand for a city than a country. A country is international politics, but a town is personally. It is also easier to express a cities personality in a song.

Listen to the hit “Stockholm Calling” performed by Sophia Somajo. The question is how do you get band to sing about your city? Well a competition is always a good start (if its done in a good way, maybe together with MTV).

It’s not only me saying so it is the artist on MTV, your radio. History is full of hits for the City Branding. Like in 1953 when Cole Porter wrote the “I love Paris.” If you sing “I Love New York” you can sing it anyway in the world but it you sing “I Love USA” its best saying it inside the USA. Here is the song that has been singing al over the world for a long time.

I Love New York
There isn’t another like it.
No matter where you go.
And nobody can compare it.
It’s win and place and show.
New York is special.
New York is different’ cause there’s no place else
on earth quite like New York and that’s why
I Love New York

Written and composed by Steve Karmen.

Opera premiere Orphée with subtitles

Published by on december 9, 2007

Last evening was I at Opera premiere Orphée. Opera is interesting for it is not easy to understand ore to appreciate before you have the skills to understand it. But for Anne Sofie von Otter that performed Orphée, was nothing needs to learn – she is absolutely excellent.

Above stage they had big screens with subtitles so we could understand and follow what they where singing.  I would really like to put subtitles above whiteboards in business meetings – so people could understand what really needs to be done!

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