2000 emails and seminars with The Royal Swedish King

Published by on juni 17, 2006 at 9:54 f m

Sorry for not being updating this blog for a while. I love blogging but sense the ONE book have been coming out – I haven’t had the time. Did get a 1000 mail and at the same time my email software did break down, two weeks later I have an over 1000 mail again. I really love to read al the great tips about ONE cases al over the word – keep send them please. I also love the lovely kind emails about you getting the book and are reading it al over the world (that is a wonderful felling). I also love that the book is now growing with the collective mind that we al share. I will read al the mails ONE at a time but it will take some time. There have also been so many lecture and workshops, sadly I have to say no to some of them for the moment. But I do love to hold more lectures and workshops (but ONE at a time).

Did have one lecture this week where The Royal Swedish King, King Carl XVI Gustaf was the opening speaker and I did say, “the only king there is The Consumer.”

PS. All the free books to all the great bloggers are now been sent out. Thanks for al the great thanks mail from ONE reader. Sorry to say that there are now more free books to send out, but here is your local bookshop that can provide your copies of ONE.