10 points that are speeding up the rise of advertising

Published by on juni 17, 2009 at 9:11 f m

1. The Internet is starving for content; advertising no longer needs to buy expensive media to reach its target.
2. The more advertising costs, the better it sells. However, the reverse is true for PR: the more you spend, the more likely the consumer is to react negatively.
3. The advertising agency creates the strategy for the brand and works directly with top management. The PR agency doesn’t.
4. New insights into the human mind and the mechanics of tribes are easier to apply to advertising than PR. PR is a one night stand in a world where people are looking for lasting relationships with their brands.
5. Old school push advertising is being replaced by pull – good advertising is becoming as important as the brand itself.
6. When the sender of the message is clear, it is easier to reach today’s smart consumers with advertising. This makes it easier for companies to develop the next iPhone, Google or Harley-Davidson.
7. The advertising industry has a solid framework and its long history is full of lessons learned.
8. In our digital world, advertising reaches more consumers faster than ever.
9. Advertising has become part of the entertainment industry. Consumers are getting more sophisticated. Well-conceived, honest ads can have impact like never before.
10. There’s an old saying that half of all advertising is wasted, but we don’t know which half. Today, half the value of advertising is getting smart consumers to spread the word, extending the reach of the advertising into niche groups.

Above from Stefan Engeseth new book: The Fall of PR & the Rise of Advertising. When quoting the book cite the source: