Terror action on Delta Airlines

Published by on november 23, 2005 at 10:13 f m

After 9/11 the security on American airlines is higher than ever before. Traveling today from Mumbai with Delta Airlines was no exception. Finally when I got on the airplane they where showing an action movie called Dus wich was about terror that started with an airplane and went on with bombs and a terrorist look-a-like Bin Ladin. This would probably not work in the USA. My impression of this strange way of saying that they cannot stop terrorism so instead they show us an Bollywood movie about the problem they cant stop.
Finally when the airplane arrived at the airport Paris De Gaulle I understand that they not only show movies on the screens. It is like getting stuck in the movie “The Terminal” with Tom Hanks (that couldn’t get out of the airport throughout the whole movie). My personal experience is that we have a 50% chance to actually get out of this airport and on to the right airplane. Hours after hours a hade the chance to enjoy nice design, everything looks so great. The airport is an architect masterpiece but doesn’t deliver function, for example there is no way in this life that anybody that not speak France to find its way around here (not so good for safety and logistic). In fact it looks like a design UFO and if I ever find an airplane that takes me home to Stockholm today I will start believing in UFO.
The best thing is that I will soon find Tom Hanks walking around in the terminal.

An interesting thing with airports is that is function like
a mini-culture event for the land it is placed in.

Sad for France that the airport function so badly, I will do my best to find other airports in the future. Many of my friends say the same thing and with consumer power it will soon only be Tom Hanks left in this France version of the movie.

Flying and traveling is some of the most interesting
and fun business there is, why don’t it shows in the
way companies perform their business in does fields?

Why don’t the clothing companies like Hugo Boss design belts and jackets that you don’t need to take of in the airport security?
Why is that low price flyers are more smooth than the more expensive ones?

Update: 25 Mars
Seth Godin puts a purple touch on Delta Airline.

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