Roots has no color

Published by on augusti 27, 2006 at 7:23 e m

Did meet today with Chief Oren Lyon, he is also a Professor and a legend. His by far ONE of the most wisdom person in out time. Oren has an open mind and chares his knowledge like few people does. Many see him as a spiritual leader that spread goodness into the world.
When he explains how different races (black, Latinos, native Americans, white etc) get together like a global tribe when they have a common interest.

Roots has no color

When people connect around things that are dipper than their eyes can see – then their rots can grow together. Same think for corporate culture, it needs to dig deeper than the colors of the brand, to connect people.
How deep do you think the roots of consumer power goes?

Read more about Chief Oren Lyon also his speech to the United Nations.

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