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Published by on maj 12, 2009

Last week was the famous blogger Steve Rubel in Stockholm holding an lecture that I attended online at His blog, Micro Persuasion is focusing on how technologies are developing marketing communications. He is today working for the PR agency Edelman (there website does not look to “web hot”). Edelman does not hire Steve Rubel to look hot, they do hire him to know what’s the hottest way to rich out with content trough new technologies (social media, search etc).

Here some of Steve Rubel best points:
“People don’t read online, we scan online.”
“Social search is growing to grow. We will search on what our friends say about different product and services.”
“Give your advocates tools, to spread the message.”
“You got the rethink, everything.”
“Embrace the conversation don’t try to control it. Invite the dialogue into your website instead of ban it. The reason is simple that there is now way to stop it so its better to be a part of the dialogue and build relations.”

His lecture was full of good points. The value of his points is lays in how well they are connected (witch was the subject of Brian Solis lecture).

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Lecture: Biz Stone Co-founder of Twitter

Published by on juni 23, 2009

Yesterday was Biz Stone Co-founder of Twitter holding an lecture on Cannes Lions (off course one-line with twittering questions from the hole world). It was amazing to here how simple they came up with the Twitter idea. They talked about what people like to talk about, nonsense stuff that makes the day go smooth at the office, in school and day to day life. So they created Twitter, and people like to Twittering about what they do. One point Biz Stone deliver that is interesting, is the same as many other experts do. Internet is starting to cooling down in interest at least when it comes to website, instead it all about 4,2 billions mobiles that are ready to connect with new solutions. And that the mobile market is their target for their future developing, they will also deliver much better search function on the site Biz got an question on whats the coolest thing he got Twittering to him. He did respond that he are not an good judge on whats cool, but gave an fun example. I think that is his persona, he dont talk about being cool he and his team creates cool stuff for the world to enjoy, that is cool.
On the question what is the difference between Faceebook and Twitter he responded:

Twitter is not an two way communication, you follow information not an exact person.
Biz Stone Co-founder of Twitter

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