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AppleCurrency with Steve Jobs on the coin

Published by on oktober 7, 2014

Apple coin
I predict that Apple will introduce their own currency a year after their launch of ApplePay. With the new AppleCurrency Apple can make cash on the demand. Today their brand does not live up to its demand.

Apple has created a shopping system in which all the products are connected to the system and to each other. This connection adds value to each product. Today demand is greater than what Apple is capable to live up to. Other brands are earning millions because of the huge demand that Apple creates but can not deliver. In such situations it is often profitable to change the business model, our contribution to changing the business model is an idea that is easy to monetize on.

A revolution should be led by Icon brands as Apple
Under the surface our economic system is questioned. Further, the economic system is not stable enough. It’s only a matter of time before a mighty corporation creates their own currency. Apple could lead that currency revolution and change history once again.

Steve Jobs changed the world and learned us that to Think different leads to development and change. We asked the talented designer Joachim Nordwall to design the visionary idea of an Apple coin as a tribute to the legend.

Also we hope that the message Think different on a coin, will inspire consumers to make a change with their consumption.

The digital AppleCurrency could be used on the Apple website but also in other online stores, and not least in the offline world as a common currency.

From: Connect the dots to AppleDots?
Certainly, many would give this currency and coins the nickname AppleDots linked to Steve Jobs classic statement: Connect the dots. Whatever it is called, Apple can with their own currency make the world spin around their Apple. If Apple in their ‘shopping system’ strategy makes the value of consumption increase with their currency, the revolution is a fact that would make the legend smile for an eternity.

Download Apple coin and print directly in a 3D printer
Then go and test shopping with the coins in the nearest store or Apple store. If you don’t have a 3D printer there are companies as Shapeways that can help you print them. Download images and 3D formats of the Apple coin for free.

One might question the point of creating an currency when consumers anyway can pay with ApplePay?
Well, we would like to state that money creates money and Apple could with their own currency control and increase their profits. The opportunity to grow as a company with their own currency is far beyond their current resources. We see a million possibilities, but surely you’ll see more and Apple itself has surly internally a lot of ideas, so we’ll leave the rest to them and you.

PS Apple owns of course their own brand and this idea is only an idea, but most of all it is our tribute to Steve Jobs. The value of the coin is up to you to evaluate, we do not warrant that the coins will legally work for shopping but if your mindset is Think different then anything is possible.

From ApplePay to AppleCurrency?

Published by on september 24, 2014

I predict that Apple will introduce their own AppleCurrency ONE year after they introduce ApplePay.

Apple has created a shopping system of products where everything is connected. The problem for Apple is that the demand they create is bigger than what Apple can provide with products (money paid for complimented products to Apples products and the culture connected to Apple is enormously large).

Brand image?
The revolution should be led by icon brands as Apple. Below the surface our economic system is questioned and is not stabile enough. It’s only a matter of time before a major corporation creates its own currency.

AppleCurrency can be an offline currency with real coins. The coins can have the legend Steve Jobs face, further the shape of the coins can be as their Apple logo (with the bite).
Digital it can be used to buy products on, Apple Store etc but also in other online shops.

What is the point when you can pay with ApplePay anyway?
Money makes money and Apple could make, control and increase their profit. AppleCurrency could change the world by being a powerful financial system that makes the world spin around the Apple.

The Apple ecosystem is like a swamp. The more we interact with it, the deeper we are drawn into it. Fortunately, it is a very lovely swamp.

Published by on september 15, 2014

The Apple ecosystem is like a swamp. The more we interact with it, the deeper we are drawn into it. Fortunately, it is a very lovely swamp.
Mat Honan, Senior staff writer at Wired

Rasmus Ankersen: Is Apple the next Nokia?

Published by on januari 14, 2014

Its fascinating to finally see more than me blog about Apples weakness as in this blogpost: Is Apple the next Nokia? does Rasmus point out:

It’s just worth remembering that the way we look at Apple today, was exactly the same way we looked at Nokia in 2007, six months before the iPhone was launched.
Rasmus Ankersen, The goldmine effect

In my blogpost: 6 Ways Apple Becomes Prey for Sharks did I also point out Apples weakness. Now is Apple weakness floating on the surface. Soon perhaps we will see an attack on Apple from competition? Now is the time to attack Apple and win the loyalty from their fan tribe.

Thanks to sharp Ulrika Bergwall for sending me this post!

Apple growth slows

Published by on mars 8, 2013

Apple is losing focus in its strategy. Read Small Business Trends analyze why.

Can Google write the design code and compete with Apple?

Published by on januari 26, 2013

Google may not have a Jony Ive, but there is nevertheless a coherent process for laying out a design vision across all these multiple teams and platforms. (recoommeded read and video)

Yes Mr Ive is a master mind in design, but he is only one person writing a master code for design. If Google see that design is only a code, then they could use there speed to over take the design position that Apple dominates.

Thanks to Ulf A. Carlson.

6 Ways Apple Becomes Prey for Sharks

Published by on oktober 19, 2012

While analysts are treating Apple’s 4th consecutive week of losses on Wall Street as an investment issue, I think the company has bigger problems on the horizon.

Apple is becoming a top prey in the world of Sharkonomics.

Applying the principles of nature to business, sharks typically attack over-hyped companies with too many products, perceived strength that might not really be there, a temporary lack of competition, and leadership that isn’t moving as fast as the surrounding environment.

That sounds a lot like Apple.

Here are 6 ways I see a shark-attack on Apple going down:
1.      A lead bite.  Sooner or later, Samsung’s advantages in product functionality will convince executives to stop following Apple and comparing products.
2.      Open-water pursuit.  Apple has been feeding in the same waters forever.  I compare its customers to the poor folks in Jaws, who were forced to spend the 4th of July either swimming in a limited area beach area of Amity Island or not swim at all.  Apple’s business model locks people into their solutions and eventually, a competitor will offer new software, new hardware or cross-over functionality between popular apps and other mobile products.
3.      Too much kicking.  Apple is doing lots of things like launching the iPad mini, but more of the same might end of making the company an appetizing target for sharks.
4.      Bite from a great white.  The world’s top CEOs can go into any industry and create a successful company.  They are visionary, which ironically is exactly how Apple became a powerhouse.  I’ll closely be watching what Richard Branson, who just offered the iPhone4 as a product for Virgin Mobile customers, will do in the coming months.           
5.      Bite through the shark cage.  I teach companies the difference between “protection” and “defense.”  For example, people in shark cages often assume they are protected, while those who swim with the sharks know that is not true.  In Apple’s case, they over-protecting the past and not defending the future.  With very little difference between the iPhone4 and 5 and lots of the same corporate visuals, Apple looks stuck in its own history.  Meanwhile, sharks are continuously on the move, and although this might sound slightly cold, they are not sentimental.   
6.      Eaten by its own school.  Sharkonomics equates Apple fanatics to a school of shark swimming with the leader.  But there is a blind spot to this approach.  Apple does very little to educate retailers about new products until they are already in the market.  With more products than ever, what does this mean for customer service and the overall consumer experience?  If a competitor like Samsung incorporates a better customer service component with a better technology solution, Apple’s school of followers might end up eating the company and moving to an alternative leader.

Taking a bite out of Apple

Published by on februari 20, 2012

Apple shocked the mobile-phone market by introducing its iPhone. It was a classic wake-up call which saw Apple take big bites out of market leaders such as Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. The latter survived the attack, but it cost the company billions. When Apple moved into new territories with the iPad, it reported sales of millions. That is great, even by Steve Job’s standard. But reporting the success of Apple is like pouring blood into an ocean, which attracts hungry competitors. It won’t be long before the likes of Google will strike back with their own version of the iPad killer. Competitors act like sharks; they have a good sense for business and it will not take them long before they also enter the new market. Now the question is: How fast can Steve Jobs’ successor swim before the sharks (competitors) catch up with Apple’s advantage? A brand such as Apple can afford to take a bite in different business fields to see how it tastes: the iPod tasted good, the iPhone tasted even better, and the iPad made for a nice dessert. The music industry should have seen Apple circling around it years ahead of its attack. But where and what will the iShark attack next time? What will be Apple’s next attack? With the iPad, Apple will continue its attack on the publishing business (books, newspapers, etc). But isn’t it time someone attacked mighty Apple, for even sharks can be attacked? Apple is the kind of company that many people admire because they are outstanding in many ways, but the simple truth is that it is only good because the competition stinks. Sharkonomics will reveal where and how to attack companies such as Apple through some of the enormous blind spots they are unaware of and through mistakes in their defence strategies.


Above from the book.

If Apple would start a bank it would happen over one night

Published by on juli 3, 2011

If Apple would start a bank it would happen over one night.
Director Business Development Jonas Lundin, SkandiaBanken

iPad + Boeing = Will make Apple iFly high

Published by on mars 9, 2011

Just had a long distance flight and got bored so I turned on the moviescreen on the seat infront of me. I Could not get the movie to start from the beginning, so I asked the stewardess for help. Her response was: “it is the last trip we are doing with the airplane – when we reach our destination today we will turn this airplane into scrap.” I have to say that was funny.
But I could not stop thinking of other newer options for aircraft computer entertainment. Old airplanes feels much more out of date especially when the inside looks old and unsafe – it need to be as updated as other parts our digital life.

Why is not Boeing working with Apple and install iPad´s in every seats?
It will save Boeing millions and make their aircraft entertainment edgy. That will make long distance flights feel like short distance. Consumers will spend so many hours with their iPad that they will get addicted to play with it. For Apple it means they will lift their sells even higher than what Steve Jobs can manage to do. They can sell computers, music and movies above all other retailer in the world!
Benefits for Boeing is that it will save them money as well as create new income by making Apple their partner. Also it will be easy for them to update their aircrafts by just change from iPad 2 to 3 or 10 in the future.

They could make a start webpage with the airflight brand and Apps for Boeing (why not make people in the airplane redesign it in 3D at 10.000 feet up in the air?).

Other commercial partners in the iPads/iFly: games – EA, cars – Hertz, eBooks – Amazon and Barns and Nobel and offcourse traveling advertisement etc.

If all this is done it could lead to a problem: people don´t want to leave the airplane.
If Apple don´t iFly high with iPad 2 maybe Samsung Tab will make this idea fly in the sky?

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