Is fear and terror reality ore a control toll?

Published by on augusti 12, 2006 at 11:26 f m

There is a Swedish song by the artist Thomas Di Leva that goes “How can I really trust?” Looking at the news is a bit like listen to the song, it gets me thinking in how I can trust. The sadly terror action that near to be happen this week in London. I am more than happy for that it was stopped in time, but at the same time it is exactly like a clip from the movie V for Vendetta. In this future oriented film is the government using fear as a control toll for controlling people. The way they are working are by producing their own terror attacks so they can be the “good guys” and save the people from terror. It makes me think of another movie Wag the dog in witch Dustin Hoffman plays Stanley Motss how was hired as a Hollywood producer to direct a war in purpose to get peoples opinion for a political purpose (by manipulation of the mass media*).

Every time I write about terror on this blog I have the big “you now how army” checking it out in 48 hours after I post it (think it is for risk judgment).

*Isn’t the biggest risk for the general public if they can trust the things are reality ore being “directed” to us by the mass media? How can you really trust then?

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