Detective Marketing is now the official Scandinavian Ambassador for DMA Global (The Digital Marketing Association)

Published by on januari 18, 2016 at 10:18 f m

We believe that change and innovation in corporations and society will increase at an ever higher speed. We also see that change will start with the digital transformation, which is a process of change in which we want to take part. We are grateful to be a member and the official Scandinavian Ambassador for DMA Global (The Digital Marketing Association).

The Digital Marketing Association is a not for profit membership organisation for digital marketing professionals.
According to our Articles of Association: This company’s objectives will be informing, certifying and educating and offering membership to those individuals or companies working in or associated with or wishing to work in digital marketing. For those purposes the company will strive to offer a platform for discussion, vision and collaboration to those working in the industry and help promote education and research.
The Digital Marketing Association supports and encourages digital marketing professionals to uphold industry standards, to ensure best practice in our young profession.
The Digital Marketing Association promotes education in digital marketing and will work with organisations and educational bodies offering these qualifications to promote digital marketing training.
DMA Global (The Digital Marketing Association).

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