Crowd crashing at Unplugged Speeches™

Published by on mars 18, 2010 at 12:01 e m

Last week we held the second Unplugged Speeches™, this time the theme was creativity with creativity researcher Farida as speaker of the day. The seminar was packed with 160 attending leading business professionals.
Unplugged Speeches™ is very appreciated by the people attending it and we have received excellent feedback, also a lot of people like the location SpaghettiOperan Regina. The whole project is in the trail and error stage. Even so it appears as if I have underestimated the interest of this kind of seminars. More people did came to this seminar than had sign up for it. At first I thought that we missed some names on the list but after checking it up I understood that we were getting crowd crashed (a bunch of people showing up at the seminar without being registered). We think the reason is that if you have something that people like they will spread it and others will find it. Over 50% of the attendants did not get an invitation!
Farida was really great and gave a successful speech. The audience interacted highly and the questions were more personal than ever before (probably because creativity is personal – everyone has their own view and definition).

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