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Celebrate women’s achievements in senior leadership roles, who are making a difference in a profession that touches the public in millions of ways every day

Published by on januari 28, 2016

Celebrate women’s achievements in senior leadership roles, who are making a difference in a profession that touches the public in millions of ways every day.
Ade Onilude, founder of Women in Marketing.
Quote from article: Wednesday Woman ~ Ade Onilude at (an great platform with girl power in society and business)

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Check out this book: When the Future Begins

Published by on januari 26, 2016

Selling the future today is a business field full of writing gurus, but few of them talk about how to really understand the future. They do talk about their wisdom as a magical trick. The author of this book, on the other hand, is down to earth and points out the illusions of the future and shares it with the reader so that we understand what’s behind the magic of future thinking.

I do recommend this book to those who have an interest in tapping into the future of their business opportunities.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book:

. The future is one of our favorite destinations.
. Future is a mix of bottom-up and top-down conditions.
. Many future-thinkers fall into a trap called ”future porn”.
. We should change our information diet.
. People only move when it hurts.
. Being a pioneer is painful.
. To be truly creative, we must dare to make enemies.
. The most important thing we can learn is to unlearn.
. Identity is a barrier to change.
. If we are happy, we don’t want to change things.
. Shadows lurking in the fog of the future.
When the Future Begins by Magnus Lindkvist. Publisher: LID Publishing.

Watch Magnus holding a provocative, witty and excellent TEDxTalk, without making the future a fluffy magical trick. It’s no wonder that Magnus is one of Sweden’s most successful speaker internationally.

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@JTFoxx is feeding my brain today

Published by on januari 23, 2016

JTFoxx is feeding my brain today.

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Top 10 most popular posts – Updated: 19 January 2016

Published by on januari 19, 2016

1. Kingston: Mind the Gap: In an romantic video
2. Don’t be a prey, eat ONE
3. An idea that can increse US tourism with 30-50%
4. AppleCurrency with Steve Jobs on the coin
5. Sharkonomics jumps into McPlay: A new E-learning platform based on video for Marketing directors
6. I hope it will rain peace over Paris
7. 600 car dealers in standing ovation
8. @jackyan: Think Ikea’s foray into fashion was a novel idea? #ikeafashion
9. People always think I’m crazy. And then it happens
10. Mighty Accenture turns to sharks for success

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Detective Marketing is now the official Scandinavian Ambassador for DMA Global (The Digital Marketing Association)

Published by on januari 18, 2016

We believe that change and innovation in corporations and society will increase at an ever higher speed. We also see that change will start with the digital transformation, which is a process of change in which we want to take part. We are grateful to be a member and the official Scandinavian Ambassador for DMA Global (The Digital Marketing Association).

The Digital Marketing Association is a not for profit membership organisation for digital marketing professionals.
According to our Articles of Association: This company’s objectives will be informing, certifying and educating and offering membership to those individuals or companies working in or associated with or wishing to work in digital marketing. For those purposes the company will strive to offer a platform for discussion, vision and collaboration to those working in the industry and help promote education and research.
The Digital Marketing Association supports and encourages digital marketing professionals to uphold industry standards, to ensure best practice in our young profession.
The Digital Marketing Association promotes education in digital marketing and will work with organisations and educational bodies offering these qualifications to promote digital marketing training.
DMA Global (The Digital Marketing Association).

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Published by on januari 15, 2016

The book is amazingly sold 3.5 million copies, published in forty-four languages, and is a best seller across five continents.

My book Sharkonomics is not blue; instead it’s a Red Ocean Strategy., owned by me, takes you to the landing page at, and it could potentially do the same business. Sharkonomics hasn’t sold 3.5 million copies yet, but it has already been translated into Japanese and will soon swim out in more languages.

Blue water to red
Half a decade ago, Blue Ocean Strategy was released and became an international bestseller. W Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne’s book offered a “short-cut strategy” idea to making competition irrelevant. Instead of going head-to-head with competition and fighting a battle over market share in the bloody red ocean, companies should find new blue oceans where there is less competition.

It was an easy idea to sell, but much harder to make work in reality. Firstly, there is almost no blue ocean left to explore (or prey to feed on). Secondly, many corporations that find themselves in “blue oceans” are in fact out of their comfort zone, in the sense that they lack the skills and knowledge to take advantage of opportunities and end up making the wrong decisions.

Back in the days when there was time to innovate and develop a position slowly, the blue ocean idea could have worked. But today, in a transparent market, that kind of strategy will turn most corporations into shark food. Kim and Mauborgne based their book on a study of 150 strategic moves in 30 industries over a period of 100 years. Sharkonomics is based on sharks which have been around for more than 420 million years and made millions of strategic moves. Blue water has become red and it’s time to change strategy. Sharks don’t care what colour the water is when they attack and feed.

In red water, moving is not an option.

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Press clip: What drives #innovation? Interview by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden @SPtechnews

Published by on januari 11, 2016

An really good  interview for SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden by Peter Sandberg.

PS It’s in Swedish so it will be really creative if you not speak Swedish.

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