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Published by on maj 28, 2015

What I really love with Danish house design is that it melts into nature so much thats its a part of nature.
Vipp has taken it to a new level with there house design; cool, clean and functional style.

Photographer: Anders Hviid.

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Everything you create, doesn’t exist

Published by on maj 25, 2015

Everything you create, doesn’t exist.
Head of design Rasmus Tibell, Silvent. Quote with permission.

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Video: Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

Published by on maj 20, 2015

It’s not a new video but it will never get old. Watch Simon Sinek Ted Talk: How great leaders inspire action. Simon will soon come to Sweden holding speeches at Bestseller.

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Virgin + Tesla = Global Change

Published by on maj 18, 2015

Virgin + Tesla = Global Change.

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Video: #Tesla #Powerwall will drive change by Elon Musk legendary speech

Published by on maj 15, 2015

Thanks to Peter.

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600 car dealers in standing ovation (Audi, VW, Porsche…)

Published by on maj 11, 2015

When 600 car dealers from Audi, VW, Skoda, Seat and Porsche stand up, whistle and clap their hands like at a rock concert, then life as a lecturer feels pretty good.
Sometimes chance is really helpful. Out of 600 car dealers, our Stefan happened to talk with two before his ONE presentation. They knew that he would talk about commitment, fans and customer focus and wondered if he wanted to see their tattoos of the company logo? With their agreement, they were photographed and included in the presentation. When the audience saw the tattoos they started to applaud like on a football match and call them up on the stage. The audience probably thought that the tattoos had been created in Photoshop (who has himself tattooed…?). The audience refused to stop applauding and once they had come up on stage and showed their tattoos all 600 stood up and the applause changed into whistling and shouting. At that point chance had changed the presentation into a rock concert!

Under the tattooed surface
Many companies have employees that are fans without knowing it. The value of internal fans is enormous. On the surface the tattoo is visible, but it is the passion below surface that makes the difference.

Tesla accelerates change
The small but innovative car brand Tesla turns the automobile industry upside down. Today Tesla does not manufacture that many cars, but that could change if they should cooperate with others like for instance Tatta. Other challengers that challenge the automobile industry at a rapid pace are Apple, Google and Branson. The challengers will inspire the big brands to accelerate change.

Move or Drive
Our new Sharkonomics consultancy service is called Move or Die and might for the automobile industry be called Move or Drive. To stand still in a time of changes is just as agreeable as being tattooed with the wrong logo in the wrong place.

Move: Move the organization quicker than challengers like Tesla.
Die: Stop doing the wrong things and go for that which makes more people become fans.

Does your company have internal fans?
When are you going to create a corporate culture that creates internal fans?

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Strong video on tech future: Humans Need Not Apply

Published by on maj 7, 2015

This video is starting slow but goes fast into a future of tech, that will change life and work with mayor impact.

Thanks to Albert.

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Top 10 most popular posts – Updated: 5 May 2015

Published by on maj 5, 2015

1. Apple Watch: Rethink every interaction, every animation, every function
2. Virgin Cruises attack cruise lines business
3. Sharkonomics blind spots model on the office wall at Silvent
4. Press release: Ikea will move into fashion next, predicts Swedish author Stefan Engeseth
5. How Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web by cracking the code: Not invented here!
6. AppleCurrency with Steve Jobs on the coin
7. Move or die: Learning too slow is always too late
8. The one who cares about women wins marketing!
9. #richardbranson: To survive, companies have to behave like sharks – if they don’t keep moving they will drown
10. Share of wallet vs Share of life

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London feels like a kicking New York

Published by on maj 2, 2015


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