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Today’s profitability is the danger for the future

Published by on juli 28, 2014

Today’s profitability is the danger for the future.
Vice President Ulf Peters,


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Watch Tom Asacker: Why TED Talks Don’t Change People’s Behaviors

Published by on juli 25, 2014

Tom is that kind of speaker that takes control over the audiences mind, by telling a story so strong that we cant stop listen.

Watch Tom Asacker: Why TED Talks Don’t Change People’s Behaviors.

We all become the stories we tell ourselves.
Tom Asacker at TEDxCambridge 2014

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Watch the Look Up video to get more out of summer than social media can offer

Published by on juli 21, 2014

Social media has for many become the new addiction. It’s perhaps time to reflect and take a break from it, to be abel to enjoy summer time.

Watch Look Up video and then walk out into a offline summer and enjoy live. There is a parody on this video called Look Down for does that will enjoy a online summer more.

Thanks to Micke Darmell for sharing this video on his blog.

Bookmark and Share : Connecting the world of graphic design with Guy Kawasaki- new & fun startup

Published by on juli 16, 2014

Guy Kawasaki is one of the master minds that makes the Internet more fun and sharable, for me he is one of the contributions that build and create the culture of the Internet by supporting the right i initiative, which Canva is. Guy is a part of this startup which let us use and connect with each other by graphic design and over one million photos by Canva.

Canva makes it easy to work with others, letting you share and edit your designs with family, friends and coworkers.

Watch this video to get a snapshot of Canva

I believe that the success of Canva is it’s balance between fun and sharability. The more they master to get our needs for social connections the easier they can become even more successful than today’s traditional social media- but then they need to make us feel like kids in a playground.

This startup is based in Australia, I have only been there one day but even on that short time I got to understand why they have a so strong culture of entrepreneurship in the Internet. One strong reason is that it’s to far to ship goods (too expensive), but online is the perfect platform to ship talent global with no costs. I believe we will see a lot more creative solutions from down under to be shared with the rest of the world, specially if they can attract master minds as Guy Kawasaki to make it grow.

If you like to be a part of their dream team, they are hiring talents as we speak.

The way Canva mix co-creation with consumer power feels like a strong case that should have been part of my ONE book.

Thanks to Guy Kawasaki for sharing this with me so I can share it with you.

Bookmark and Share One brand that can change lives

Published by on juli 10, 2014

Last week in London I found this amazing brand; One Difference. The idea started in a pub and has grown into an interesting model of how corporations could be connected to the world we live in.
I think they are a modern version in how today’s corporations could tap into responsibility for mother earth. Still, for most old school business it is as logical as walking on water.
The One Foundation and many other of their projects make sense in a way that we all can walk with their mission to find solutions to bring water to those who need it.

Here’s a video explaining more about the ONE way to their solution. My ONE book feels strongly connected to this amazing brand and vision.

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Top 10 most popular posts – Updated: 9 July 2014

Published by on juli 9, 2014

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9. ReebokONE makes sport grassroots grow
10. Defend your market

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Most theories are a shortcut to paradise, but leads to hell

Published by on juli 7, 2014

Most theories are a shortcut to paradise, but leads to hell.

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Creativity is our relationship with the contemporary time, the spark of this meeting creates the future

Published by on juli 1, 2014

Alex KrauseCreativity is our relationship with the contemporary time, the spark of this meeting creates the future.
Alex Krause
Consultant at The London Speaker Bureau

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