Archive for januari, 2014 From my ONE lecture at Oriflame to their new campaign called The One

Published by on januari 30, 2014

I had the honor to hold a ONE lecture at Oriflame (based on my ONE book) they are now lunching a new brand called The One.

Elin Kling goes “one” with Oriflame, just as Stefan Engeseth might suggest. Article by publisher of Lucire, blogger and branding expert Jack Yan.

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Zlatan Volvo commercial Made by Forsman & Bodenfors

Published by on januari 29, 2014

Zlatan is amazing in more ways than words can play.
Zlatans Volvo commercial is made by Forsman & Bodenfors, the most awarded agency in this part of the world.

Together with Zlatan Ibrahimovic we have done a celebration to Sweden. It’s our country’s unique nature that inspires and challenge the people at Volvo when they develop their cars.
Forsman & Bodenfors (video)

I think FB are really great but this is by far the most boring commercial I have ever seen they created (sorry). But the PR and hype around is fantastic.

Instead of only creating commercials I think Volvo and FB could create Volvo Zlatan car design so consumers could buy, drive and play like Zlatan on the roads.

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Published by on januari 27, 2014

’Sharkonomics’ makes debut in Japan.
Article by Johan Nylander,

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Top 10 most popular posts – Updated: 24 January 2014

Published by on januari 24, 2014

1. Small US agencie Sköna use Swedishness to grow
2. Super trend 2014
3. Sharks tweets on twitter
4. Cannibalism in the the shark and business world
5. Does love sell more than sex?
6. Strength is a weakness, if not used as a strength
7. Relationship currency converts social skills into cash
8. Kobe Bryant + Lionel Messi + Great White Shark = over 104 miljon YouTube views for Turkish Airlines commercial
9. LinkedIn: For seriously old people!
10. The digital era can be extremely disruptive for the non digital native

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Small US agencie Sköna use Swedishness to grow

Published by on januari 21, 2014

Sweden is famous for its super brands, created with a Swedishness culture. A small US agencie Sköna use Swedishness to grow, did find them in Silicon Vikings newsletter.
Here is how they discibe there culture based on Lagboken:

At Sköna, we implement the Swedish model. This means we don’t like hierarchy and we’re allergic to red tape. It means that we collaborate on exactly everything because we know that the best ideas come from the unlikeliest of sources. Our ideas have been translated into ”The Sköna Lagbok” – the manual for how we treat each other and our clients. Like in every language, words have more than one meaning. This Swedish word is no exception. Literally, Lagbok means teambook. Not a bad way to start. But colloquially, it has come to mean the “Law of the Great Land”.

They point out specially: Under-promise and talk less, listen more in my opinion that is the most Swedish points in there list.
Cool that they create a Swedish US cultural (in my opinion a perfect match).

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These companies have learned to bite by attending in Sharknomics lectures

Published by on januari 17, 2014

These companies have learned to bite by attending in my Sharknomics lectures
Got an good question yesterday, witch companies has so far attend in your Sharkonomics lecture?

Here are some of does how learn how to bite:
Google. Spotify. Ericsson (HQ). Disney Nordic (HQ), Absolut Vodka. AAK. Audi. VW. Porsche. SEAT. Skoda. ICA. AGA Gas. Coca-Cola. Pepsi. Yahoo. Nobelprize. Oriflame Cosmetics. Posten. Turkish Airlines. Berkeley. Roche. Universal Pictures. AstraZeneca. Sveriges Annonsörer. Göteborgs Kex. Barilla. Reffekt. Vitamin Well. IBM. DN. GP. Villeroy & Boch Gustavsberg. Binero. Fortum. Selldorado. Gulltaggen. Linde AG. Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce. Silicon Vikings. IHM. KTH. Skanska. Talarforum. Life Technologies. Big Image. Canon. DMP. Proffice. Grand Hotell Marstrand. Best Friend Sweden. Mynewsdesk. IBM. Odd Molly. Flygtaxi. Mannerstråle. SEB. TV4. McCann. Swedma. FEI. Anfo. IRM. Villeroy & Boch Gustavsberg. PostNord. Comhem. IHR. Swedbank. Founders Alliance. TeliaSonera. Södra Teatern. SRV återvinning. Tango Sponsring. Stockholm Innovation. SAS. Rewir. London Speakers Bureau. General Mills. Scandic. Natural Products Scandinavia. Marknadscheferna. Assa Abloy. Smurfit Kappa Onwell. Previa. Golfstore. Brio. UC. Ranstad. Ottoboni. Qgroup. Creuna. The Swedish, Finnish and Danish Marketing Associations. DDB. McCann. Grayling. hasan & partners etc.

Also done tours in Nya Zealand, Australia, Germany, the Nordics and a four-week tour in the US. There are more places to swim to.

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Do not miss Bruce Dickinson at Marknadschefsdagen

Published by on januari 16, 2014

Bruce Dickinson former Iron Maiden is holding a lecture in the topic: How to turn customers into fans! At Marknadschefsdagen the seminar is full of good speakers as Myrna Lewis from South Africa.
If you mention Detective Marketing when buying your ticket, you get 100 euro discount (perhaps will Bruce even sing for you…).

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Rasmus Ankersen: Is Apple the next Nokia?

Published by on januari 14, 2014

Its fascinating to finally see more than me blog about Apples weakness as in this blogpost: Is Apple the next Nokia? does Rasmus point out:

It’s just worth remembering that the way we look at Apple today, was exactly the same way we looked at Nokia in 2007, six months before the iPhone was launched.
Rasmus Ankersen, The goldmine effect

In my blogpost: 6 Ways Apple Becomes Prey for Sharks did I also point out Apples weakness. Now is Apple weakness floating on the surface. Soon perhaps we will see an attack on Apple from competition? Now is the time to attack Apple and win the loyalty from their fan tribe.

Thanks to sharp Ulrika Bergwall for sending me this post!

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The digital era can be extremely disruptive for the non digital native

Published by on januari 13, 2014

The digital era can be extremely disruptive for the non digital native.
Anders Sorman-Nilsson, speaker and author of Digilogue. Speech quoted from lecture at Talarforum with permission from Anders.

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Money talks, happiness walks

Published by on januari 11, 2014

Money talks, happiness walks.

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