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What car will hard core Saab fans buy in the future?

Published by on februari 18, 2013

Steven Wade is the no 1, hard core Saab fan in the world. Therefor its interesting to see what car he will buy now when Saab is not available. Read his post: Saab owners changing brands?
I believe many Saab fans will increase there passion for the brand (but only in historically level). The fan community have to connect more to find car parts, older cars have more parts than new models. In other words to be an successful Saab fan you have to be social (or else you will not find part to your Saab).

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Love Boat commercial video feeds anti Shitvertising

Published by on februari 14, 2013

4.000 passengers sharing five toilets in a panic situation, is not an fun situation its a misery. Right now on the Carnival Triumph boat are 4.000 passengers communicating with friends by social media and media (CNN, ABC, DN etc). This opportunity did not the passengers on Titanic had – also they did not had the privilege to watch this witty animated commercial for the trip on YouTube:

Watch this fun video and listen to the sales pitch with classical quotes:

Build to make you smiling!

Give it al you got!

You can not have to many oohs and as.

This night is yours.

Sleep with a smile.

One more amazing stay in paradise.

Dream it up, in paradise.

Don’t get to comfortable!

This will commercial for the love boat can feed anti Shitvertising. There may be only with five toilets onboard but online are there are many more places to let go of criticism that can sink any brand in the world.

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Sharkonomics opening speech on EA & Innovation Conference at IRM

Published by on februari 12, 2013

It is an honor to once again have the opportunity to hold a Sharkonomics lecture at IRMs conference on March 19th, but this time as the opening speaker at the EA & Innovation conference. Other speakers at the event are Martin Sykes topic: Storytelling and Capability map and Rick van der Lans topic: Big Data and Data Virtualization. Check out the program here.

We want to reflect an increased interest from both a business developer, business architects and business developers to come together and exchange experiences across borders. The conference will be more active with different track in the afternoon.
EA & Innovation Conference at IRM

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Top 10 most popular posts – Updated: 6 February 2013

Published by on februari 6, 2013

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8. Sharp Sharkonomics review by US blogger Michael Muth
9. How Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web by cracking the code: Not invented here!
10. Tablet War Week: Will look small if Facebook jumps in the water

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